Trading Betfairs Greyhound markets: Pro trader

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This week I’ve been talking to another full-time trader who got in touch via the GeeksToy forum, you may have seen his posts – ‘acg’.

When I first heard somebody traded the greyhound markets for a living I was a little shocked due to the lack of liquidity most of the time but, having thought about it though with the huge amount of greyhound races on each day its clear if you pick up a very small average its possible!

Today saw a whopping 91 races! Kindly he’s offered to tell us a little bit about his time trading Betfair, here’s what he had to say…


“My name is Ghenu Catalin Alexandru im 30 and have been trading dogs for 6 years. In Romania our average salary is 200-300 euro a month so for me trading is a good opportunity. I trade 4-5 days/week, 6-7 hours/day but in past I was full-time here. I will give few tips for those who want to give it a try but as you know there are many ways to milk a cow. Is quite easy once you get it but have to keep discipline.
There are some things you have to recognize. For example you have to recognize if market is good for swing or for scalp. Im trading just last 3 minutes and for example when time is 1 minute or less is sure thing that you must look for chances scalping, in past swing was more often but now I find scalping easier. Placing small bets outside of the prices often helps late before start. Also pay attention to bookmakers odds (racing post website is best) they tend to correlate and also looking for young pups is an advantage as they are backed heavy as punters know they win a lot of races.

Each meeting has a slightly different style of betting (for example on Hall Green you will see heavy gambles on young pups, on Crayford you will see a lot of times that they bet under bookmakers odds, on Sittingbourne and Kinsley you will see low liquidity and you have to use smaller stake). On dogs stake should not be more than 20 (I would advise between 5 and 20 and if you see something good just click more times) but if  you just started trading on dogs, 2 should be your stake until you start have a feel about because prices move fast. I would also advice anyone who wants to make a living from dogs to record his trading and then look at what he did good and what bad. Some things repeat race after race.

With right discipline it is ok to make 2-3 euro most races for me. I need to take break though as for long periods to keep focus is very important”


I’ve traded the dogs occasionally myself and find it tough to keep focused myself as im aware there is more liquidity on the horses although the concept is the same – just on smaller stakes with thinner markets, it’s probably quite a good place to dabble even if you plan on trading the horse racing markets.

I find the approach of targeting specific tracks quite interesting as it could be a good way of avoiding getting in trouble in markets you know aren’t for you and maximising on the ones that are, much like the Irish racing on the horses for me. It’s probably the only other sport I can think of where the pre-race markets behave similarly to the horse racing. Here is an older clip of me trading the dogs. I may have to take another look bearing in mind what our full-time dogs pro has said…

If you want to check out or even question acg yourself you can do HERE in his challenge thread on the GeeksToy forum, he’s been updating a fair bit recently so you can see what is possible! I think for the stakes used it’s really quite impressive, fair play and thanks for taking time to share Catalin!

7 thoughts on “Trading Betfairs Greyhound markets: Pro trader

  1. Good to see a genuine post about trading the dogs, pretty much echos my experience of them too. I gave up trading them because like Catalin says you’re pretty much limited as to what you can put thru the markets with the average little liquidity per market. There are meeting or even races that have high turnovers but it’s hard to predict when they’ll happen and can just as easily come from a punter chasing losses from the nags.

    I can see it working for Catalin if the average salary is only 200-300 per month but most of us need more and the dogs just weren’t scaleable enough for me and it felt like I was wasting time and effort when the nags can provide a much steadier and bigger income for the same effort. I just bot the markets these days and probably average a couple of quid a race and hit 50% of the races so there is money to be made but I found it hard to up the strike rate botting just cos of poor liquidity maybe doing it manually may bring more for some.

    Wouldn’t want to put people off the dogs as they aren’t many sharks in that pool so it’s not the worst place to learn but they behave a lot different to the nags which is where the real money is

    1. Hi Steve . I dont know how much money someone from UK need but on dogs with discipline you can make 20-30 pounds/hour. But if you can make a couple of pounds /race then fair play to you. Cheers

  2. I’m just outside London so I guess average wages are around £2000-3000 per month, I just didn’t find the dogs reliable or consistent enough and the same effort put into the nags gave a better return. Plus I do think you can hit an earnings ceiling very quickly with the dogs as when there’s only so much going in you can only get so much out.

    If you’re making £20/30 per hour when the average income is £200-300 per month then it certainly makes sense to play those markets especially as they’ll be few other traders in the pool to worry about but surely you must get frustrated at only being able to stick thru £20 bets when what you do obviously works, might be better off switching to the nags where if you crack it the earning could be much greater.

  3. Hiya Caan & Ghenu.

    Thanks for sharing that inmformation Ghenu. I suppose that the beauty of trading the dog racing is that it is pretty consistent in terms of the amount of races each day throughout the year. As we all know trading the horses in the heart of winter can be frustrating, especially when we experience a cold snap and many meetings are cancelled. Another advantage is that when the horse racing finishes at 16:00 you can always pop over to the greyhounds for a few hours, especially Wed-Sat where you can also watch the coverage and the liquidity is abit better.

    So cheers guys and happy trading! – Dave.

  4. hi Mr Caan do you know Mr acg email, I have a couple questions to ask him and he seems disappear on the geeks for the month. Thank you anyway.

  5. I had been building my bank steadily but got caught with lays in the market when the race went off 10 seconds early. Of course my lay won and I have lost 80% of my bank. Be careful with the dogs.

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