Trading the French Open Final….

So this afternoon I dipped my toes in once more trading the tennis on Betfair (I hadn’t give it a thought but there probably would have been enough liquidity to trade it on Betdaq premium charge free). I said to myself before the match I was going to be very specific as its easy to get caught up in watching the game and not applying a strict trading strategy.

I was going to watch the match anyway so it didn’t matter so much if I actually placed any bets or not – looking at it like that is pretty healthy to my mind as over trading is often a problem for anyone who isn’t 100% confident. For me I think one of the main reasons I don’t trade the tennis more and for larger stakes is just that, confidence. Over time maybe I can change that!

The first set started to unfold much as I’d expected having read several reviews online from others in the know, towards the end however it was obvious Djokovic was edging ahead – I didn’t have the confidence to put my money where my mouth was mind. More importantly I knew there was to be a better opportunity just around the corner! the end of the first set….

And so Djokovic broke Nadal to take the first set. I still had confidence in Nadal though and seeing it was the final of the french open it would be fair to say the next set was to be straight forward, and so I entered! It’s a bit strange trading the tennis when usually all I do is focus on the horse racing markets but still as it’s like starting out again – an emotional minefield full of self-dobt.

With a few bounces in price as the second set started having entered at a point of compression I managed to bag myself a few quid. It’s nothing impressive and the match was full of opportunity and great liquidity but after that I thought I’d head off out as I had kept to my plan (and had a BBQ to attend with the weather being much like it was at the final!).

Its easy to forget its not just about making money all the time on Betfair but more a case of making some when you believe you have an angle in and then stopping when you’re not sure! Keeping it is half the battle at times, particularly when you’re starting out! – and for all my experience im very aware I’m new as far as tennis goes!!

6 thoughts on “Trading the French Open Final….

  1. Well done mate. No different in approach to anything else – do your research, know the markets watch what you’re trading and be strict on closing if things don’t go your way.

    As a general rule (and I know it sounds obvious), but you don’t want to back a guy when on serve, because clearly you’ll get a bigger swing when a player is broken. Tennis is great for trading, hope you enjoy it.

  2. What a great match it turned out to be, I traded it similar myself and did pretty well. More tennis posts would be good

  3. Agree with Keith, i’d like to see more updates with the tennis on the grass. I recently subscribed to Trade Shark tips which are pretty good

  4. Taking a disciplined approach in the world of tennis betting is half the battle in my experience 🙂

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