Two weeks and counting!!

Not long now!!

I can hardly wait! It’s just what I need to cheer me up after the last two dreary months, the festival is starting to get mentioned more and more on the racing channels and this week I’ve made a point of making a note to look through the cards prior to the festival to possibly catch some ante post moves! It’s one of those things ive meant to do but havent allocated the time just yet.

Over the last couple of days I’ve started to trade again although on the whole im finding the markets pretty thin without a huge amount of genuine turnover, if you’ve been playing them yourself I wouldnt beat yourself up if you’ve not been performing as well as usual (smaller stakes may not have noticed it so much though).

Also its now less than a month until im away on my first snowboarding holiday! A break is always ideal straight after Cheltenham to stop me from continuing to try to stake as I do over the festival week, its obvious but the natural urge is always there, also its worth noting the markets are likely to be pretty weak for a few days as the general betting public have ‘done their cash’ over the festival!

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