What a Joke! Speed? Seriously…


So what we looking at?

My connection status from speedtest.net for the first half of the day…. fuming.

One of the best days this week and this happens, I started at about 3.45 and still managed to pull some money, but either way I wasn’t a happy bunny.

Having called Zen my ISP which I must add’s customer service is second to none. We tried all the usual stuff, different filter/router and going off the master socket. They told me unfortunately I live a long way from the exchange (already knew this) and there had been reported line problems over the last 14 days. Of which BT had already said they don’t really care as they have voted this post code area ‘up to 1 mbps’ which is fair enough I suppose. But when it’s already a poor quality line and there are obvious issues as the operator said to me…. there is some extra loss 3 dB’s ……

I’m assuming he thought I didn’t have a clue and was a little shocked when I corrected him as 3 dB’s = 50% attenuation in power, the image above doesn’t really do it justice. As that was one of the better score’s I got. Either way I was running at about 1/3 of the usual speed with erratic spikes. And then as if by magic it went back to normal at 3.45…. After all the good races of course.

Can’t wait till I’ve moved to an area with a better quality connection. Fingers crossed it don’t happen tomorrow…… pffffft. Won’t hold my breath.

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