What a Plonker…. Rodney?

Rapid Update

Just a quick one. Just to say; im sick of being a plonker!

The other night I was trading away with ATR on in the background (US nags). Foolishly I wasn’t watching, but still listening to the commentary. This huge lay spike come in took all my orders and the market went suspended… cue: sick feeling.

Total of £100 down the drain. I’m not gonna bother with the US nags for a while as mistakes like that have put me back about 200 US races as on average I only clear about 50p a race (consistently). Maybe ill do Tuesday nights as it seems the only night of week where there is money for them.

All in all my new goal for this month is just to finish on £0. Sad I know, but not at a loss. A bit of a shock after last months success but it just shows theirs such a fine line between profit and loss. A few stupid errors, bad attitude, and the results are turned on their head!

I’ve only got 2 days to do it as I’m away for the weekend, good luck all, keep it green!

2 thoughts on “What a Plonker…. Rodney?

  1. I’ve always found the US stuff a waste of time, liquidity’s usually too poor to make it worthwhile. Plus the markets behave differently to UK ones due to the liquidity and inconsistent off times. It’s generally too little return for the effort you put in and with UK night racing started you’re better off sticking to where you know you can make some money.

  2. was trading US too, after too early suspends lost about ~250, and profited about only half of it… so just not worth putting so much working hours…

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