World Cup Day 13: Betfair Trading Qatar 2022

It’s the final day of the group stage on Friday!

Would you believe we have identical situations in Group G and H… even down to the goal difference in EVERY position! Couldn’t make it up.

Decent match odds markets today. Only Brazil are really short, it could be an excellent day.

The schedule is:

  • Ghana v Uruguay 3 pm
  • South Korea v Portugal 3 pm
  • Cameroon v Brazil 7 pm
  • Serbia v Switzerland 7 pm

Ghana v Uruguay Trading Options 3 pm:

Uruguay has been so disappointing for me. I fancied them to do really well. Two games later they haven’t even scored. They played ok against Portugal, but were woeful against South Korea. With the squad they have, they can blow Ghana away; do I want a large stake on them though? No, lol. Ghana recorded a huge win against South Korea that’s given them a chance here with a draw, with Portugal expected to beat South Korea. They are going to be hugely negative, and that gives us an ideal opportunity to bang in an early under 2.5 goals trade. Uruguay have to win, but they won’t be very open early in my opinion. This one is good to get in and out quick within the opening 20 minutes and be done with the game. Ghana are going to be trying to waste time from the start, interesting to see how much added on time maybe a new record haha!

South Korea v Portugal Trading Options 3 pm:

Portugal have done everything they have needed to do so far. South Korea need to win so I’d expect a reasonably open game. Because I like the early unders trade on the other game, I’m happy to avoid this one in the first half. Let’s see where we stand at half-time but I’d expect fireworks in the second half with South Korea going for it. There are plenty of strategies from the Football Course that would fit this game in the second half, but we need the right conditions at the break. Really wouldn’t be surprised to see three or more goals in the second half. Portugal winning 1-0 would probably be the ideal situation at half-time. We have a nice mix of the two games at 3pm, Ghana v Uruguay first half and South Korea v Portugal second half.

Cameroon v Brazil Trading Options 7 pm:

With a decent goal difference and a tough game for Switzerland against Serbia, Brazil are almost certain of top spot. They are trading 1.01 on Betfair. That gives them a chance to rest a few key players here, Cameroon has to go for a win to they will want an open game. Brazil are trading 1.35, and I really don’t fancy anything here. I’d want to see the starting XI before having a strong view, and nothing appeals in the goals market here. A game to avoid in my opinion.

Serbia v Switzerland Trading Options 7 pm:

The most open market of the day. A huge game for both sides. With Brazil expected to beat Cameroon, this will decide who goes through. If you read my outright preview you will know I’m a big fan of Switzerland so it’s obvious who I’m shouting for! Our trades on Switzerland have been textbook so far, with the early unders trade working a treat against Brazil. I think we can do the same here. I know Serbia have to win, but they won’t attack too early, and we could easily see 0-0 at half-time. Without anything on offer in the other game, I’m going to really focus on getting this game right. I’m confident on the early unders position. I also want to lay Serbia, but I am biased because I really like Switzerland. I reckon they get a result here though, but I’ll sort out the position in the goals market first before turning to the match odds market.

Hope everyone enjoyed the blogs for the group stage and made a few quid! Roll on the knockouts…

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