£200 an hour at Newmarket & trading guide update!

Last updated December 8th, 2016
Today saw this years running of the Cambridgeshire at Newmarket, what a race it was too with Educate taking it. As far as im concerned somebody was pretty certain that was always the outcome, although being somewhat of a less riskier kind of person i couldn’t bring myself to leave any money on it in the running. Pre race though i did pretty well from it, often the bigger fields with larger prices i don’t prefer although this time i would say it was pretty different opportunity presented when i opened the market. All in all a good result although not so big to set a new personal best for one race.
The rest of the races at newmarket seemed fair in turnover although not quite as much as i expected, it could well be i have too higher hopes at times and antisipate conditions being better.
Saturdays now i generally only work 2 – 4 with the times being the best to trade for me and trying to hold together a social life! either way i cant complain, today is a half decent result averaging up at £200 an hour!
Hope it turned out well for everyone else too, now its time to enjoy the weekend!

Also last night i updated the Pre-Race Trading Guide properly for the first time, the main changes include elaborating on a couple of area’s i have had a few questions about aswell as adding an ‘Early trades’ section.
Those of you who follow me on twitter will have seen some of the early trades i have advised really take off, i think the biggest move being from 2.68 all the way out to 7.2 pre race!!

There are still a few extra things i want to add so them changes will probably be made somewhere in the next two weeks as i have another break away booked in abroad!

If you haven’t already, check it out HERE!

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