Daily Shortlist (Front-Runners)

Horse Front Runner How to use this shortlist:

Below is a list of today’s front-running horses, based on previous behaviour (updated 10-11am UTC).

A front-running horses price will typically contract in-play, due to it’s running style. When the price contracts you can cash-out for a profit. This can be done by placing the counter-bet ahead of time or manually whilst watching the race. Two strategies that are advised with these horses are “Backing-to-Lay” or “DOBBING”.

This page is here to save you time and draw attention to the best opportunities with minimal fuss. Watching horses behaviour at the start and further research is advised.

Check previous in-play hi/low prices of these selections by clicking here.

The data below is for Wednesday 27 September.

Lexington Belle [2]
Lawn Ranger [10]
Jean Baptiste [8]