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Has Betfair suspended or closed your account?

Recently we’ve had a surge of users claiming their accounts have been temporarily suspended on business grounds. If that’s you, don’t panic! It’s not game over just yet, account suspension and closures have been happening for years.

In this blog post, we’re going to explain why, when and which accounts are at an increased chance of closure. We’ll also share some extra info about what to do if you’ve been affected.

The simplest solution is to use a sports bet broker as explained here.

It’s important you understand all of these points thoroughly if you’re to get the upper hand…

There’s often a lot of confusion and misunderstanding around sportsbook and exchange accounts.

Does Betfair Close Winning Accounts?

No, accounts will not be closed or suspended for winning. However, they will stake limit Betfair Sportsbook facilities for users that are consistently beating the odds, as explained later in this article.

Note: it’s extremely important you understand the difference between Betfair’s Sportsbook and Exchange. They are totally different platforms, available on the same website, by the same company.

Betfair exchange tab


When you use the Exchange, you are betting against other exchange users. Think of eBay but for betting.

For this reason alone, Betfair has no reason to ban or close your account when you should win. This is what Betfair first became famous for; peer-to-peer betting.

Whilst the Exchange account won’t be closed for winning, there is an additional commission rate. Click here to learn about the Betfair Premium Charge.

In recent years Betfair have become more restricted for some exchange accounts. Some believe Betfair close betting exchange accounts because they are active in betting in their own markets. This is unproven although several have come to similar conclusions. A few users suspect their bets are being front-run by automation, a type of flash-trading that isn’t allowed in financial markets.


When you use the Sportsbook, you are betting against the house (Betfair). Like placing your bet on an ordinary high-street bookmaker.

This is where you may find them limiting accounts like Bet365 when I won £6,667.

Betfair exchange promotions mail

However, account suspension is a little bit different.

If you’ve received a message like this, the reasons can vary…

Why Does Betfair Suspend Accounts?

Data collection without betting is the main reason Betfair will suspend a user’s exchange account. As many readers of this blog will know; information is power.

Particularly when it comes to successful exchange trading and betting.

Typically, account suspension is just a temporary measure while Betfair investigates your account activity. It could take some time as they may need to liaise with third parties, such as the Gambling Commission.

Likely reasons that could trigger account suspension and investigation:

  • Money laundering
  • Financial fraud
  • Gambling-related restrictions
  • Source of funds
  • Event fixing
  • Business decision

The last point there is rather broad as this could be excessive use of trading software in training mode, collecting data without a historical data license or exploiting rounding errors.

If you’re trying to get an existing account un-suspended, check out the bottom of this article. 

Unfortunately, Betfair is not obligated to explain why your account is suspended while they investigate, you may need to be a little patient.

Why Do Betfair Stake Limit Accounts?

Being ‘stake limited’ or ‘stake restricted’ is a very serious problem in the professional betting community. Bookmakers, also known as ‘Sportsbooks’ systematically collect user data so that they can restrict and limit winning accounts.

If you have been restricted, you will find this happens when you go to place a bet of any real value:

stake limited betfair

Also, you should have received an email like this:

account limited email

This is often referred to as having your account ‘gubbed‘.

Essentially, account limitation happens in two ways:

  • Stake limited – you have been recognised as profitable, beating the odds.
  • Promotion limited – you have been recognised as profitable, exploiting bonus offers and promotions.

Either way, being marked for either isn’t a good thing. It means Betfair have you on their list of ‘unprofitable customers’.

Stake limitation occurs when your bets are routinely beating the marketplace prices. There’s a whole playlist about this on my YouTube channel here.

Promotion limitation is a little different. Typically this happens if you have been matched betting with the assistance of services like OddsMonkey (review here). Sportsbooks don’t like this as you are able to routinely take advantage of promotional materials for profit.

What to Do if Your Account is Suspended:

If your Betfair account has been suspended, there’s probably not so much you can do in the short term. However, I would advise gathering as much information about your account as quickly as you possibly can.

Information like:

  • Which cards were registered and when
  • When you last deposited and how much
  • How long you have had the account
  • Account balance at suspension
  • Premium Charge avoidance
  • Verification of account user

Next, you should contact the Betfair support desk (details shared below). Ask them why your account has been suspended, and if they need any further documentation from you.

At this point, you should bear in mind that many of the support reps only have access to limited information and will be following a script with your query. It’s not uncommon to feel frustrated but the more you are willing to comply, the quicker a solution will be found.

Having all the details together makes life easier, and protects you if you should need to take things further at a later date, as discussed below.

What to Do if Your Betfair Account is Stake Limited…

The truth is, you’re all out of luck if your Sportsbook account has been limited. The slightly better news, however, is that you are still able to use the Exchange. There is no stake restriction on Betfair’s Exchange aside from market liquidity.

Getting stake limitation reversed is extremely unlikely. I have heard stories where a punter has claimed the restriction had been lifted after they lost a substantial amount of bets at bad odds (within the stake limit). Although, I wouldn’t recommend testing this theory. It’s likely to be expensive.

The best course of action is to either; find a profitable way of using the exchange, or open a new account with a competing Sportsbook.

Note: All sportsbooks now stake limit, deposit limit or close winning accounts. Taking the second option may be effective in the short term, although it’s bound to happen again at some point.

Betfair Refusing to Pay Out?

To be fair, it’s rare to see a very large betting company like Betfair refusing to pay out winnings. If you are experiencing payout problems, it’ll more than likely be related to their Sportsbook.

In the first instance, if Betfair refuses to pay out I would recommend contacting the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS).

I have successfully used them myself in the past, getting a small compensation in the process. In many instances, the mention of involving them is enough to persuade an operator to change their mind.

It would be unfair to comment on individual cases as there may be a reasonable answer for some, but occasionally this happens…


betfair wont pay out


This strategy is especially favoured by smaller betting firms, with the assumption being that you’ll refrain from pursuing any further challenges. This is why I suggested collecting all of your account information as soon as possible earlier on in this article. Previously, there have been instances where bookmakers have limited access to accounts amid disagreements, preventing a full review of betting history and thereby complicating any attempt at contestation.

If you’re adamant there is no good reason for them to refuse to pay out, don’t give in!

The odds are in your favour when it comes to resolution. IBAS and Justice for Punters (J4P) have helped many people get their money over the years when companies like Betfair don’t want to pay out.

It’s also worth remembering that sometimes it’s not that Betfair won’t pay, it’s that you haven’t got the right person’s attention yet.

Betfair Minimum Deposit and Maximum Payout

These thresholds differ based on the country in which you place your bets. Betfair minimum deposit in the UK starts at £5 for the majority of payment options. However, certain payment methods may require a minimum deposit of £10. The upper deposit limits span from £50 to £5,000. Betfair customer service team generally establish the upper limit, but you have the option to request a revision of this cap. There is further information about this in the company’s sportsbook rules and regulations.

If they think you can afford it, Betfair can raise your maximum deposit limit significantly. Usually, this option is reserved for professional gamblers who use the Betfair exchange.

When it comes to Betfair maximum payout there are two things to bear in mind; are you using the sportsbook or exchange?

The total maximum payout per day for any customer on the Sportsbook, Fixed Odds, and Multiples products is set at £1,000,000. If winnings exceed this daily threshold, profits are capped at £1,000,000. Any additional winnings above the £1,000,000 Betfair payout limit are relinquished.

On Betfair’s exchange, there is no maximum payout limit. You are only restricted by the amount of betting liquidity that is available although large wins may be subject to legal checks.

Contacting the Right Person at Betfair

We’ve all heard the saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know”.

Occasionally this holds true when it comes to resolving account problems with very large companies. In Betfair’s case, their Twitter helpdesk should be the first port of call. If not, there are a few extra contact details listed below that may help you.

  • Twitter – @BetfairCS
  • Live chat –
  • Phone (UK) – 0844 871 5000
  • Email – [email protected]

Just remember; the clearer you are in communication, the more likely you are to get the help you want.

How to Delete Your Betfair Account Permanently:

Following limitation, some users want to close their Betfair account indefinitely. You can do this by contacting customer services on any of the details above, although you should consider it carefully first due to Betfair’s account closure policy.

“We allow one customer to have one account. Closing your account means you will not be permitted to open a new one at a later date”

An alternative for some might be to ‘self-exclude’ or set a ‘cooling-off period’. Both of these can be done via customer services.

Have you experienced a suspension or closure?

Let us and other readers know the details below…

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49 thoughts on “Betfair Suspended My Account | What to Do Next…

  1. After having my account closed on “business grounds”. I have now attempted to contact Betfair by email twice. Both times I received an automated response from them that my email could not be delivered with Recipient address rejected: Access denied. It would appear that Betfair has blocked my email address.

    Filing a complaint with the relevant authorities is now the only path left open to me.

    1. This business grounds answer seems very broad…
      Please let us know if you get any further information. There are some users that exploit the exchange data, but this doesn’t sound normal this week.

      1. Dear sir

    2. How did u get on? I had my account closed today saying business grounds. I had it 18 -20 years. No idea why? Live chat says they email me details . Still waiting

  2. My account was suspended before but they reopened it when I emailed them. I was using training mode a lot but they said to make sure I bet every week to avoid it again.

    1. After perhaps 20 years of casual betting with Betfair, I am now unable to place a bet because I am, in their words, ‘located in a country where we currently can’t offer our services’.
      Don’t laugh – I am in Ireland!!! Their Head Honcho is Gary McCann whom I happen to know!!!
      I am a really small time punter, placing regular (daily) one euro bets, several of them. Having a bit of fun, no threat whatever to Paddy Power Betfair or whatever they call themselves now.
      Funny old world. In twenty years I would have wagered approx 10,000 euro and won perhaps 6,000. Not enough for our friends!!!!

  3. Well I received a Betfair scarf through the post today as well as promo card with a chance to win a ticket to next years BF Chase so I’m guessing they have me down as a VIP or HVC customer lol

    1. Sounds like it, Robert!
      The only thing they’ve sent me is a Premium Charge bill each Wednesday. Ohh and a bottle of Champagne once, but that was after I spent the evening talking to some VIP’s on their behalf (for free).

  4. I’ve been starting to use training mode in Geeks Toy, however, I do place bets directly on Betfair exchange as well. Is this sufficient? Or should I be placing them via the Toy?

    I really don’t want my account suspended…

    1. You won’t get suspended for using trading software. It’s if you are using the software in training mode, seeing exchange data all day long and not having any funds or intention of betting in your account as I understand.

  5. My account at betfair was suspended while i was doing a blackjack session on their live casino. I was playing for a while like 3-5 hours but I was in profits the entire time and I was just going up and down but gradually up.

    I waited like 2 hours for customer live support and they then told me that they were concerned about my gambling activity. They said it was to do with the comments i was making in the chat. I was talking to the dealer about when you should have limits of losses and winnings and when it is a good time to stop but i am not stopping because I didnt hit my target profit or hit my loss limit etc. Here’s the chat they asked me.
    Karen at 22:39, Dec 16:

    James thank you for your patience, due to the comments that you made when playing caused concern, as a duty of

    care they have suspended your account

    To have your account activated again I will need to ask you some questions please

    If you have the time I can ask you now or we can do another time?
    You at 22:39, Dec 16:
    oh yeah i shouldnt have spoken too much
    You at 22:39, Dec 16:
    can u see my chat
    You at 22:40, Dec 16:
    player was asking me when to hit on 16 and stuff
    You at 22:40, Dec 16:
    so i was explaining
    You at 22:40, Dec 16:
    i have time
    Karen at 22:42, Dec 16:

    I cannot see your conversation, sorry no, I do understand sometimes we can say things tongue in cheek – just we

    have to be careful as this is an online site

    I do apologize if the questions appear to be insensitive.

    1. Are you aware of your recent increase in activity/spend?
    You at 22:42, Dec 16:
    You at 22:42, Dec 16:
    I usually drve around and no time to play
    You at 22:42, Dec 16:
    but today my job was canceled
    Karen at 22:42, Dec 16:

    Thank you

    2. Are you comfortable with current level of activity/spend?
    You at 22:42, Dec 16:
    You at 22:43, Dec 16:
    I didnt play blackjack for a long time
    You at 22:43, Dec 16:
    so i overplayed a little but i know the risks
    You at 22:43, Dec 16:
    im an experienced player
    You at 22:44, Dec 16:
    someone was asking me about hitting on a 16 and i was explaining if the dealer has an ace its a 11.56% chance he

    will bust so its better to take a card
    Karen at 22:44, Dec 16:

    Thank you

    3. Are you currently playing at a sustainable level?
    You at 22:44, Dec 16:
    You at 22:44, Dec 16:
    i didnt over bet and i know my limits
    Karen at 22:46, Dec 16:

    Thank you

    4. Are you aware of the player protection tools available?
    You at 22:46, Dec 16:
    Yes I am aware
    Karen at 22:46, Dec 16:

    Thank you, I will activate your account now, please allow me 10 minutes
    You at 22:47, Dec 16:

    Then they unsuspended my account so I went back to playing blackjack for an hour or so then the next day suspended again.

    I waited 2hr 30min to speak to their live chat and they said that :

    Lauren at 15:47, Dec 17:

    I would need you to provide me with some different days and times when our responsible gambling team can call you

    You at 15:48, Dec 17:
    in the evening but i have children
    Lauren at 15:48, Dec 17:

    I would need specific time frames and dates please
    You at 15:49, Dec 17:
    tomorrow 3pm is better then
    You at 15:49, Dec 17:
    could u explain what happened this time
    You at 15:49, Dec 17:
    i thought this was all resolved yesterday and i accepted everything
    You at 15:49, Dec 17:
    i really dont need to talk to anyone
    Lauren at 15:49, Dec 17:

    This will need to be sometimes in the coming days or week
    You at 15:50, Dec 17:
    Could you explain why
    You at 15:50, Dec 17:
    I would rather not someone call me to talk about responsible gambling I know the risks and ive stated so many tmes
    Lauren at 15:50, Dec 17:

    It seems like some concerning comments were made by you, that is why our team wish to speak with you
    You at 15:51, Dec 17:
    I really dont understand why could you explain please
    Lauren at 15:52, Dec 17:

    You made some concerning comments, and our team would like to speak with you, once done your account can be re-

    You at 15:53, Dec 17:
    could you speak to me here so it can be resolved now
    You at 15:53, Dec 17:
    or via email
    Lauren at 15:53, Dec 17:

    Unfortunately not, this is done over the phone
    You at 15:53, Dec 17:

    I waited for them to call me for 3 days then contacted them again and they said that they would contact me again tomorrow but they still didn’t call. I have a large amount of money tied up into their company. I used it previously to lay bets that I wanted to cash out on in my acca bets or to insure some bets.

    Nothing I can do and Ive spent a total of 9 hours in their live chat waiting for them.

  6. I have received the business grounds closure too. No information given at all. I haven’t actually used my account in a few months so maybe this is why. However it is frustrating not being given an answer.

  7. Hi. I was suspended a few months ago while trading bets on the Test Match Cricket. I won a few test matches and started to increase my bets. After having a big win for my standards, Betfair started playing games with me. I would ring up because match was in play and at first they were very fast and helpful. After my big win this changed noticeably. They were going as slow as they could in taking my phone bets often saying that they couldn’t hear me and making me repeat myself sometimes up to 4 or 5 times resulting in me missing the odds by lengthy margins. I started complaining to the operators and got all sorts of excuses, on some occasions even flat out lies. In one of these calls where I was being lied to, one operator put me on hold and a supervisor took the phone and started abusing me about wasting the operators time.She was telling over the top of me, next thing I know my account was suspended half way through the match. I could no longer access anything and it cost me thousands. I tried to contact the help desk after that and was told that my account was suspended due to a business decision and that Betfair was not obligated to talk to me further. I still have bets on their site right now but have no access at all.

  8. I had my account suspended just now. I was logged in, withdrew my winnings (which have not reached my bank account yet) and it logged me out. When I tried to log back in, it told me my account was closed. Tried live chat and calling the number you gave above with no luck. I will try again tomorrow. I hope they give me my winnings now

  9. Have an account with betfair since 2007………..Mostly win keep my bank at 1500 and withdraw any monies above this its many years since i deposited money.
    My account hasnt been restricted per say on the sportsbook or exchange.
    Mostly bet on Horseracing and Golf.

    All my golf betting is on the exchange. The manner in which they restrict my account is regarding the graphs and in-running info………….i have no access to what has been traded amounts availeble in-running etc. its been like this for a couple of years………….Have asked customer services on two occasions and the operator told me that this restriction was made by somebody more senior to her and she couldnt reverse it.
    Its as you said betfair is peer to peer and all players should be on a level field. Its mostly golf i trade but if i back a horse will normally place a in running lay using the keep function.
    I do get a basic graph but much of the info provided to other users is missing have you ever come across this I just find it irratating

  10. I have had a Betfair account for over twenty years. Recently I change both my home phone number and my email address. Subsequently I updated my contact details in my Betfair account through the editing process which Betfair provides. The next day when I tried to log in a notice appeared explaining that my account has been closed.I have tried for four weeks to get Betfair to address this situation.. Betfair have made an error,I can now no longer bet with them.

    1. Hi Bryan, thanks for adding this I have heard a similar story with several others over the last few months (and now had it myself). I will point them towards these comments as I think this is a broader issue and wonder if they are doing it on purpose or if this is sweeping problem they are unaware of.

      1. Hi,Caan,
        An update. I tried for four weeks to get B/F to reopen my account explaining that as I had updated my personal details they had made a mistake in closing my account. They
        just would not listen and as I am excluded by conventional bookmakers this was causing me problems. I have bet with Betfair since it started and have championed its value to many of my racing friends. It is my experience that when dealing with companies that treat you less than fairly that a complaint to the CEO does the trick,and its worked for me.

    2. The very same thing (i.e, changing my contact details) happened to me to. I cannot get this resolved. All you get is the “read the T & C’s” stock response from a customer service droid.

  11. Betfair suspended my account due to business reasons and when I emailed them to ask why, they did not reply. I can only think they do not want my bets as I was winning money off their liquidity providers/bots.

  12. I suffered from the “Access denied. Your account has been closed” treatment. Betfair didn’t answer their emails, their messager service didn’t work on my laptop, and the phone helplines were useless. A friend e-mailed me a link for their messager service which didn’t work from my laptop, but worked on my mobile. My account was restored with very little fuss.

  13. I have been having a long standing issue regarding Transaction charges but cannot find anyone else who is being levied with the charge! No matter what I type into the browser, I get a big fat zero response. Could really do with some help/info as it is making me ill! I am reluctant to go into detail on here at the prospect of this thread being monitored by BF.

      1. Betfair have now closed my account, as soon as I self excluded myself. It would appear I asked too many questions. It is just as well as I had enough!

  14. I have some questions for all the people who have had their Betfair Account restricted.

    #1 Which Betfair Account was restricted, was it the Sportsbook or the Exchange?
    #2 How many people with restricted accounts were actively doing Matched Betting or Arbing?

    The reason I am asking these questions is; I believe that Bookmakers are using the Betting Exchange as a weapon to block Matched Betting and Arbing activities. If you think about it, all the Betting Exchanges are run by big Bookmakers, and it’s just logical for them to use it to seek out and ban individuals who they deem a menace to their bottom line.

  15. Just left betfair after they decided to limit my account to £2000 per month, it was £5000 per day. I have always been in profit. They suggest this is part of their responsible gambling process. How am I being irresponsible if always in profit and the use of credit cards is no longer allowed?. My point being I can only bet if sufficient funds are in my account using a debit card. I contacted BETFAIR who told me I would need to provide an insane amount of financial information if I wanted the limit restored to £5000 per day. I was always limited on SPORTSBOOK this latest limit was for EXCHANGE betting so there are limits on BETFAIR EXCHANGE i.e those imposed by BETFAIR.

  16. I have money on my account 38000 pound they refused to pay first they ask 100 documents I gave them all 1 month made me fool then after they said business ground ur account closed nd they didn’t gave me money I never had money I can say they are thief big..

  17. I had my Betfair account closed…I was match betting and had an unmatched bet . Went back on before the event started to cancel it if it wasn’t matched, but access denied.
    IF it did match I have won. But when contacting Betfair they are only refunding what was in my account…but the bet wasn’t settled . I’m in a battle to get my £180 back.

    Customer service on the chat is poor. I’ve had no email confirmations and they couldn’t even tell me why it was closed and said they couldn’t re open it.
    Never known anything like this before!

  18. I have been a long standing Betfair Customer for 20 years. Formerly my account had VIP status and I enjoyed hospitality at several events including Cheltenham and Ascot. Goodness knows how much I have paid in commission over the years. My account has since been closed by the Compliance Team.

    I emailed the CEO and received as a result received phone calls from Customer Champions. They have looked into this and advised that Compliance said the account no longer meets the risk criteria. I asked for clarification of this but have been advised that the Compliance Team will give no further explanation and the account will remain closed.

    I am at a loss to understand this and do not know what else I can do.

  19. I have been backing with betFair six years lost money saved up put £200 in my account won £26 pounds went to draw money out your address is wrong only been living in house forty years years theses people are taking things in there hands
    Getting interest on people mont text the m 10 times hey in Kew for your money

  20. yes robert i think bookmakers are controlling betfair i was doin g in running and was quite succesful but i got the dreaded a/c closed and given no reason is there anything we can do

  21. Why they closed my account due to buisennes grounds they say,and dont give any information,the problem is that i have 2.5k balance

    1. Email your details to the support email on the contact page linked at the bottom of this page and I will forward it onto someone that will take a further look for you.

  22. Currently had my account restricted and I have gone to withdraw my funds but I am worried they will not payout, I can no longer bet on Sportsbook at all and the exchange is quite useless with the bets I place,

    Fingers crossed, have you heard of betconnect? Is that a worthy use would you say

  23. I have had my account closed and have waited a week to receive my funds back and still nothing . Does anyone have any advice ? I also have a large amount of open bets open and concerned they won’t pay those out either

  24. I just joined Betfair after they now excepted I wasn’t doing two accounts and also excepted my ID now .God man you guys are putting shits up me already if I keep winning .First bet on there normal site was limited now two bets on and not limited which I don’t get But was limited with Paddy power for winning £300 in two years now so finished there then sky bet are at it restricting me and say I £100 down Crazy I don’t know what to do for future now even on exchanges .Bookmakers are EViL sods and we give them our hard earned money to piss us about like children .They are ones with dummies in mouth not punters .But I guess I will soldier on and feel uncomfortable with every bet now .

  25. I have been a Betfair customer user for over 20 years . Betting with them on regular basis last 18 month . I recently deposited a large amount by my standards and tried updating my personal file . New address and mobile number , i have recently moved . I then found my account was closed and i cannot log in . I have contacted them on live chat several times and got know where . I have supplied them with ID info and asked for my full account funds to be returned to me . They issued me with a ticket number and said they would e-mail me .I desperately want MY MONEY back in my bank account , this situation is making me ill . Their behaviour seems fraudulant and against the law , holding my money with account closed . What should i do ?? I just want my money returned and would never use Betfair ever again . PLEASE HELP .

    1. The same thing has just happened to me last week , altogether depositing around 500 in a week as I had extra money to enjoy got down to my last £20 after playing up and down for days with my balance then finally I started to win and big too ! Got my balance upto £4,000 in hours very lucky on slots with jackpot bonus then tried to withdraw using my own cards that I’ve always had on there and also deposited from they reversed them back into my Betfair account in a few hours and suspended it after letting 1x £50 and 1x £40 withdrawal go into my bank accounts nominated in my Betfair account then zero access with days of customer chat and lots and lots of answered questions by myself even repeatedly the same ones , not one single has been received from them since this suspension??! And I’ve now been issued a ticket number told to wait for an email there’s nothing more I can do now ??!!
      So I’m sat staring at my £4000 balance with mo access to it and I’ve lost all my money deposited i knew the risk of the gamble and the games I won and that is the first time it’s ever been over a few hundred does not seem fair I haven’t slept or eaten in days makes me sick I feel like I’ve been a victim in a fraudulent Scam and I have nowhere to turn to like they just thought oh when she’s finished depositing and wants to take some money off from winning let’s stop her and take it all back !!!

      Left sick out of pocket vunerable and absolutely devastated, disgusting site and disgusting way to treat their customers

  26. Betfair recently put a monthly spend budget of £1000 on my account. I requested them to increase the budget, they asked me for proof of payslips and my bank account statement. In my bank account statement where there was a one off payment that my wife had asked if I can take that payment in my account and I said yes. Betfair asked me to provide some tax statement form, I explained them it’s not my business and I do a job and I had sent them the payslips. After 1 month they have closed my account saying it didn’t match their risk criteria. But I genuinely do not have any wrong money coming to my bank account. I really like betfair for its odds, it’s one of the best in the industry. How can I get my account open again, please help.

  27. Hello I’m a betfair user for around 4 months and I was betting heavily on exchange, suddenly I received an email from betfair (Croatia) asking for documentation for me to send in 30 days time, then my account got suspended and they say that we’re analyzing and giving no further explanations, I’ve 13000 euros there, then 1 week ago they closed my account due to bussines grounds and they are not paying my money back. Can someone help me? I altready spoke with them dozen times they asked me for my Iban wich I give but still no paying.

  28. I closed a long dead Bet Fair account I never used, now I can’t open a new one,
    Bet Fair customer service is very poor, they don’t seem to care if they have customers or not, a strange sort of business?

  29. I had a Betfair account for years and years and numerous other bookmakers I am a clever gambler won a lot of money on paddy power on brexit they restricted my account to very small money after that it was a waste of time so I closed my account over 3 years ago then recently I got a email from Betfair closing my account couldn’t believe it rang them to ask why they said cos I closed my account with paddy power then it applies to them to they all owned together skybet as well in unbeievable

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