7 thoughts on “Bet365 Account LIMITED for Winning £6,667 They Responded!

  1. I’ve found Sportingbet to be the worst, followed by Stan James and then BetBright. Ladbrokes closed me extremely quickly aswell. Bit surprised with that. 365 seem one of the best.

    1. Sounds about right. I can’t remember all as some of them was a long time ago now, but I know Ladbrokes limited me pretty sharpish too. Bet365 I’ve known to last a while as-well as go quick. My friend got limited in one afternoon, with a little help.

  2. So what was the no brainer method you stumbled across? I still have a few accounts to rip the arse out of! Also, out of interest what is the minimal stake that bet365 limited you to? JokeVictor wouldn’t even take a pound bet from me once i was restricted!

    Bookies are a bunch of crooks imo and they’ll happily take money from the vulnerable whilst restricting anyone with a bit of gambling sense.

    It’s only a matter of time I get restricted by the lot of them although I’m trying to stay under their radar as much as possible and bleed them slowly.

  3. You will never beat me, although I now know it was that spyware they use, but having had various accounts closed, I opened a Ladbroke account, had 1 bet, which lost and then immediately limited me to 5p max stake e/w. I’ve genuinely told the family to put it on my gravestone.its all about reputation 😉

  4. Lads and Coral limited to £0 and closed.
    Paddy limited to pennies
    365 limited to £50 wins
    Hills limited to £100 wins
    Vic limited
    Stan James account closed
    Betbright limited to £1 bets
    Fred and Tote limited to £1 bets before account closed
    Unibet limited to small stakes (following Stan James merger)
    Betfair Sportsbook – limited to pennies immediately
    un-Sportingbet limited to pennies immediately after a large win
    Sky – limited to pennies
    Bwin – limited to £25 wins
    Betway – limited to 55p stakes
    888 – limited to £0 stakes
    Titan/Winner/Vernons – limited to £0 and account closed
    High and mighty Geoff Banks – account closed
    Corbetts – limited to pennies
    Boyles – can anyone get a bet on there?
    Betsafe – limited to pennies
    Tonybet – limited to pennies
    Sunbets – limited to pennies
    Myclubbetting – banned even though I hadn’t used them for over 2 years as their opdds were so crap

    Anyone, who only takes a bet when that bet is value, will have their accounts closed and limited.

    I mean, the Open starts this week – something like 150 players and they are all offering 1/5th odds on each way bets. 1/5th odds? What the feck is that all about?

  5. hi caan
    coral put restrictions on my account few days ago. no warning. I allways thought they do that. onley if you keep winning. I haven’t won anything with them as yet . they won’t answer my emails.

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