51 thoughts on “My Bet365 Account Was Limited for Winning £6,667 – But Why?

  1. I’ve found Sportingbet to be the worst, followed by Stan James and then BetBright. Ladbrokes closed me extremely quickly aswell. Bit surprised with that. 365 seem one of the best.

    1. Sounds about right. I can’t remember all as some of them was a long time ago now, but I know Ladbrokes limited me pretty sharpish too. Bet365 I’ve known to last a while as-well as go quick. My friend got limited in one afternoon, with a little help.

    2. Bet 365 employ young lads on the phone who cant speak properly.

      Must be pople they have dragged off the streets of stoke on trent and some homeless ones

    3. Hello. I’m new to the betting game as I never had any interest in it but after a work colleague showed me his 3k cash out on bet365 last May I decided to have a go at it just to hopefully make a few Extra quid but I didn’t expect to win much if anything as my family i.e uncles and grandfather who were all avid horse racing fans always lost more than they won so I didn’t see the attraction. Anyway… I joined bet365 last May and I’ve maybe won about 1k back in bets and put in around £400 over a year but as from the first match day of the 2019/20 premiership season I had a bet on 10 teams for £1 stake ( I’m not a big gambler) and 5k return. Well as the day progressed 7 of my bets were winning and all of a sudden bet365 locked me out of my account and were experiencing technical difficulties each time I tried to sign into my account. After an angry email they replied like they always do with…these events are unforseen and we will not honour any cash outs or return any stakes. As they weeks and months have gone on until present I’ve put small stakes of 10p and 20p on each way races and other sports and what I’ve noticed bet365 doing now is if one of my horses places 3rd and say I’ve had 4-5 wins out of an 8-9 fold they mark it as lost with the red circle and black cross then as soon as the next race that actually does lose which could be an hour later bet365 then switch the previous placed horse back to a win but I’ve had no offer of cash out because they’ve basically manipulated the system especially when some of these returns were maybe between 3-10k. I only put small stakes on to try and take as much of their money for as little of mine but it seems they don’t like that and keep manipulating the system each time, so it’s as well I’m making recordings of all these for future evidence. I could have potentially won around at least a few hundred thousand now.

  2. So what was the no brainer method you stumbled across? I still have a few accounts to rip the arse out of! Also, out of interest what is the minimal stake that bet365 limited you to? JokeVictor wouldn’t even take a pound bet from me once i was restricted!

    Bookies are a bunch of crooks imo and they’ll happily take money from the vulnerable whilst restricting anyone with a bit of gambling sense.

    It’s only a matter of time I get restricted by the lot of them although I’m trying to stay under their radar as much as possible and bleed them slowly.

    1. Afraid that’s not up for sharing at this stage. Sorry.

      You’re entirely correct though, this is exactly how they behave.

      1. I got canned by Bet365, as did my mum and my other half, for winning. Would like to see what they say my profile is as the bets I use are not on the exchange so they cannot accuse me of that! I just found a nice system where their prices were really good with markets not available on the exchange and won quite a bit. i am sure it was just because I was winning!

      2. I found/discovered my own loop holes betting on football : ). Sky bet always close the account around the £2k/£3k winning mark and lost my 365 account after winning £8k!

        Running out address to make new ones .

        1. You’re doing really well there on Skybet. My accounts with them have never lasted longer than 3 days and didn’t get that amount either! 365 Restrictions are frustrating but generally, you can get more from them.

          1. We probably using a similar method / system then. Another sky account gone this weekend after winning £900 in a week. My new bet 365 still going, won £800 today on that so see how long that keeps going. Any other good bookies you use apart from sky or bet365. Bet victor banned me after bet one winning 600 and refused to payout haha

          2. Assuming we use the same strategy, what other bookmakers are good apart from sky and bet365. Sky onto me now and my accounts get shut down after a few bets.

    2. Let me tell you, I was with bet365 for 16 years putting bets on the phone before using mobile. I had my account restricted for putting too many bets on, I’ve lost thousands with them but wasn’t bothered & they rang me up asking all sorts of questions why I gamble & that. I said I had no problem I can afford to gamble but they wouldn’t listen & told me to take 6 months out & when I refused the closed my account.

  3. You will never beat me, although I now know it was that spyware they use, but having had various accounts closed, I opened a Ladbroke account, had 1 bet, which lost and then immediately limited me to 5p max stake e/w. I’ve genuinely told the family to put it on my gravestone.its all about reputation 😉

  4. Lads and Coral limited to £0 and closed.
    Paddy limited to pennies
    365 limited to £50 wins
    Hills limited to £100 wins
    Vic limited
    Stan James account closed
    Betbright limited to £1 bets
    Fred and Tote limited to £1 bets before account closed
    Unibet limited to small stakes (following Stan James merger)
    Betfair Sportsbook – limited to pennies immediately
    un-Sportingbet limited to pennies immediately after a large win
    Sky – limited to pennies
    Bwin – limited to £25 wins
    Betway – limited to 55p stakes
    888 – limited to £0 stakes
    Titan/Winner/Vernons – limited to £0 and account closed
    High and mighty Geoff Banks – account closed
    Corbetts – limited to pennies
    Boyles – can anyone get a bet on there?
    Betsafe – limited to pennies
    Tonybet – limited to pennies
    Sunbets – limited to pennies
    Myclubbetting – banned even though I hadn’t used them for over 2 years as their opdds were so crap

    Anyone, who only takes a bet when that bet is value, will have their accounts closed and limited.

    I mean, the Open starts this week – something like 150 players and they are all offering 1/5th odds on each way bets. 1/5th odds? What the feck is that all about?

    1. BWIN – Before first bet I was limited to 90p on Football or Horse Racing. How do bookies get information regarding new accounts?
      SPORTING BET – Lost £230 in two bets them limited to £1?

  5. hi caan
    coral put restrictions on my account few days ago. no warning. I allways thought they do that. onley if you keep winning. I haven’t won anything with them as yet . they won’t answer my emails.

  6. I am in dispute with 365 and my case is with commision,i done doubles man city and man utd to win 3 main trophies as we know what happened they wont pay out saying it coincides with each other grrrrrrr have anyone ever heard bollocks like that,now i know if its same match you cant do a double/treble.but different competitions and only one winner ffs,know wonder stoke went down if you got pricks like them running club at one stage i could of cashed out treble figures i let it run,man u lost f.a.cup

    1. An absolute disgrace. The bet should be honoured , the betting companies need reeling in, and brought before the select committee.Im sure Mr Frank Field would make them sit up.

  7. I’d be really interested to hear more about the right to be forgotten. It had occurred to me that this could work in our favour on restricted accounts but when I asked on another forum I was told that only applies to publicly available data not data which a business may need to keep for a legitimate purpose. Have you heard differently?

  8. Sadly it happened the same to december, I had used bet365 for the past 3 or more year without any issue. The big problem here is there is nothing about restricting your account in the Terms & Conditions, so what they are doing is totaly ilegal. They can only close your account, but for that they need proofs that you are doing something illegal, of course, they don’t have anything against me. Sadly my main way of profit is gone and I can’t find any other betting house with the same odds…

  9. I find it shocking they government via governing bodies haven’t made sure the industry behaves fair – defo need a minimum bet liability law. Also I’m not a consistent winner in fact lose more often than not but 888 restricted me first removing offers think as there odds was never good only occasionally bet there when I see a promotion (is that what they term as abuse – imagine if supermarket shoppers got called out if they did weekly offers that are advertised). Then like you I got restricted by Betway but e-mail clearly said I could blow as much as I want still in casino (have a tendency when can’t get a bet on blow my wad on the devil’s game aka Roulette). After arguing by e-mail they used a sentence from one to self exclude me. People can lose housed gambling e thousands in a day and no triggers but I say something and suddenly there doing me a favour as a responsible gambling organisation. I never new to recently how crooked and mafia like the industry is with politicians in there pockets as share holders or reviving donations. The true stories on JusticeforPunters.org beggar belief. Wish more media would highlight the ills of the industry and forge change.

  10. Think Betvictor I was banned after the first bet (that lost)! I’m restricted to around 3p on most accounts except WH and Ladbrokes (who stopped me from offers early on) but both I can still bet with ok stakes. The whole industry needs properly regulating, I can’t think of another industry that you can pick your customers!

  11. Its’ shocking, they shouldn’t be allowed to close accounts just because someone wins money back or because someones backing value. B365 have just emailed me saying no more BOG, etc so I guess not long till they shut the account completely.

    1. I have some fresh verified bet365 account for sell, if anyone is interested you can email me

  12. hi caan,
    if its worth your while and the strategy is still working,i could supply you with unlimited bet365 accounts. i am into automated bot business for some years now and are in the fortunate position to have some very trustworthy contacts out there. just let me know if you are interested. dropped you a line on facebook

    1. If anyone can help me with a fresh Bet365 account id appreciate it. I got restricted on both of mine this week……not happy….

    2. Looking for bet 365/ William him accounts will pay £50 per account and also pay you £25 every 1000 I make

  13. hi have had various accounts clossed for no reason surely there is something we can do about this surely as they are ment to be offering us a services clossing our accounts and restricting them aint offering a services us as customer should do something about this there no long taken your money when u lose but hate it when u win

  14. I have been limited with bet365 for about 3 years but today they decided to close my account completely. I contacted my MP asking why they could restrict peoples accounts and all i was told was that bookmakers do not have to accept you as a customer.

    1. Did you place any bets even to the tiny stakes they allow after they limit you? I’m wondering if they eventually stop people placing even tiny £1 bets after a while

  15. Hi, I’m selling bet365 + Skrill/neteller full verified account. Just real buyer knock me. Those who want to busines for a long time.

    1. Hi Juwelrana,

      You may be trying to help people out, and I condone that…

      However, we can’t have people using our articles to promote this kind of activity as it’s not legal. Sorry.


  16. I woke up to a bet on 365 that I never placed after speaking to there customer services I was told after the info about my account security etc the bet stands and nothing will be done about it. Totally upset me as I know I never put the bet on which was £88 on a 6/5 tennis challenger series match the guy I supposedly bet is 366 in world rankings. When I asked to speak to a manager I was told that would not be possible I still cannot get my head around this bet I have supposed to have placed at 3:15 am as well so I asked when the bet was placed what was the IP address they refused to give me that info fucking legal gangsters they are. What upset me more than anything was I asked what bet365 thinks has happened and they kept repeating after reviewing the bet etc bet 365 are happy there was no security breach so this only leaves me as putting the bet on which I know 100 % I did not do or someone has used my passcode to get in the account and used £88 of my balance to place a bet. As I say I never bet tennis unless its a one-off like the slams so i kept saying tell me what they think happened they kept on with this we are happy nonsense that no breach of security was done so again that implies I put the bet on or someone else put it on which is a breach of security but if they say they are happy no breach waa done so again it must be me that put the bet on they think!

    Why they would not send me the IP address when this bet was put on is pissing me off as well as I always close the app and have to sign in every time the IP surely must be logged when it gets opened? So I don’t know what to do now I have spent thousands on that poxy site as well. I also live alone and no one other than me can access the app on my phone so who knows who put this bet on and why £88 out of the 140 that was in it if I do singles at 6/5 on any sport bet I always either do £50,£100 or £25 basically knowing £5 gives back £6 so multiply that in increments of £5 per stake bet if you get what I mean. Anyway as I say I dunno what to do next they said go to the police to see what they could do, joke that would be if I rolled up and told them what happened they would just laugh cause I would.

    1. Hi , I had my CC hacked in May last year and they used it to bet on Sky Sports around £ 1,100 , at first I thought they had hacked my sky sports account and I had lost my balance but they had registered the CC with ano SS account , obviously if they had won then they wanted the winnings in their account not mine . I spoke to SS and all the bets were refunded to CC straight away. I would press Bet365 and say you will go to the Police etc a bit of hassle but why should you pay for a hacking error . As a side note to anyone that reads this security questions for cc etc never use real names ie mothers maiden name or grandfathers first name as these are all in the public domain now with genealogy sites so hackers will build a profile on you and then take their chances.

      PS Been Gubbed by most bookies like everyone at the moment Sky Sports and Unibet are the main ones that haven’t yet 365 i can win upto a max of £ 5 on a bet…..

  17. Meh… I’m an active client of 365 for 15 years (maybe more). A losing client, I had big losses over the past years and I think (by checking with others) that my account was at 300% VIP status.

    From March my luck got better, I placed some live parlay’s and I won round 50K euros. I don’t think that I managed to cover the loses of the previous years, but I surely minimized them.

    And today, my account (with 95% of bets being at in-play betting) was limited, but only to basketball-handball. I can place bets at soccer, but at 100% (there goes my VIP status).

    For me 365 is still the best bookie around, but it sucks when you lose for 15 years, you win for 3 months and then they close your account. In general, Im a gambler and I think it’s their loss.

    1. Interesting, I have had a similar problem with Bet365. I have been a customer for a long time and had more losing years than winning ones – especially the last couple. I am also VIP and in January they contacted me about providing further financial information so they could check my earnings etc. Even though it was properly evidenced they closed my account based on ‘affordibility’. I think they are just trying to find any excuse because every time I asked they changed the rules about what was affordable. Anyway, I have moved on but no having a fight with them over my personal information and its disposal. They dont seem to have a full list or proper processes in place to manage. Quite unbelievable and I will go legal if needed.

  18. Has anyone taken the mick with Bet365 and continued to bet , albeit with pennies, after they send the dear John letter? My own system is based on value betting ( I guess all successful systems are ) and mostly horse racing. I have lost dozens of friends accounts with them. I have considered paying a guy to write me a betting bot which will take them up on their £1.20 limit or what ever it is. If each of my friends has the bot running then I could get £40 or £50 on every horse and still make a nice few ££ for myself. But if they reduce stakes from the miserly £1.00 level down to £0.0 then I would just let it go as getting the bot implemented would not make it worth while.

  19. Just checking, if your account gets limited, they won’t take away what money you’ve made from bets that are cashes out but sitting in your account right? (Say on bet365). Thanks!

  20. I too discovered a way that dramatically increased my chances of winning. I have three accounts and 4 IP addresses blacklisted. My last run was the most successful as I was actually able to withdraw roughly £5.5k starting from £100. I climbed to £2.3k then withdrew £1.5k by following my usual system. Then I tried to distract them by switching to bet365 casino which remarkably I even ended up being ahead by £.2.2k after a lot of back and forth consisting of bets no less than £50 up to £1k a single roulette spin. After a full all nighter at around 6:30am I went back to my system with 3-4 team accu. Which modestly saying pulls a win without losing 5 in a row but I threw in some absolute no chance of losing bets to boost the number of the accu. Placing a £1k bet with return of over 100k I was then told my bet needed authorising thus making my bet nulled as my system consists of end of game in play bets. My account was then suspended due to them being worried about my gambling problem/addiction. The account was less than 24hrs old and my money in/money out was comical. #ItIsNotBet365sPolicyToBanWinningAccounts

  21. Hi Everyone
    Does anyone know if all the betting companies instantly share with others that you’re a winner and that they have closed your account?
    So for example, I do well on say bet 365 and when they close it, I try opening with Ladbroke but they restrict it straight away as they have my details from 365.

  22. Reading all these comments I find it amazing one person had a bet placed on his account by a hacker and Bet365 won’t entertain that and say it stands (bet that tune will change if it wins). I had the exact opposite just last week with SkyBet, I received an e-mail confirming new payment method added. This was sent in like wee hours of the morning but I was on my PC. Red flag straight away as I’d not done such. Went to my account logged in, see two deposits from this new card, not mine and a bet on virtual horse racing that had won £121. I contacted live chat went through security and they say my e-mail account must of been hacked (I don’t see any evidence of this). Was made to change my password, security questions and PIN number which was a pain but they also removed the funds, deposits and winnings. Won’t tell me anything about who did this, IP address, they left me to remove, delete payment method and worse they say they can’t correct anything else so this winning bet up remains in my bet history and my profit/loss history and lifetime deposit history all includes this despite they manually took back these deposits and winnings. So my account shows I’m way up this month when I’m actually down. When I asked them to correct this, told they can’t?

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