Recommended City Break: Poland 2019

Here’s a quick-fire update to share two things: What I’ve been up to recently. What you can expect to see over the next month. It’s […]

Living Your Dreams?

In a past life, during my time in the Army this saying used to get bounced around daily… “Ahh I’m living the dream”. However, it […]

Getting Away: Early Break 2018

It’s been a rather hectic start to the year for me following on from Christmas. Focus has slipped away from work a little, but I […]

Post Cheltenham Markets…

Like a cheap roller-coaster ride, the markets in March are inherently up and down. Before the festival things slow down, then it’s all frills and […]

Quick Break Away: Iceland…

I’ve spent more time working than usual over the last few months. It’s been rewarding, but a break away was over-due. The last proper one […]