Getting Away: Early Break 2018

Getting Away

It’s been a rather hectic start to the year for me following on from Christmas. Focus has slipped away from work a little, but I don’t regret it.

This year I took the decision to spend a little bit more time with the family. It’s quite easy to lose sight of what’s important once you’ve become profitable within the markets. Winning is addictive.

A Quiet Start

When I first started trading, the main goal was just to make a full-time living and have more time with those around me that I loved. As well as doing things on my terms, without having a boss to answer to. That was some time ago now. Since then, many things have changed. In fact, I had a conversation with somebody else earlier in the year about personal development. Maybe I’ll post about that another time…

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The funny thing being as time progresses and in line with achievements and success, we all tend to just want more. Well I do anyway. But what is that all about? For me at first, trading was just being my own boss and more time with the family. Then it was doing things on my own terms. That quickly escalated into a whole lot of holidays, time away and luxurious things followed by items like expensive toys.

Several years down the line, I found myself in the situation where I started to question some of the spending, probably around 18 months ago. The focus moved to ‘financial future-proofing’ if you like. Great, even if it is quite boring. But now, it seems now I’ve reached a stage of going full circle again. I’m back at family and loved ones around me, particularly as the children grow older.

Centre Parcs

This Christmas I made a snap decision, booking a luxury break to Center Parks for 9 of us. Sure, it wasn’t my usual style of going abroad, but one of the party was heavily pregnant. The funny thing being, I actually learnt something through this. Luxurious items and swish breaks away won’t necessarily make you happy. However, those around you certainly will. This was probably one of my best breaks away, even though it was in the UK.

I’m fully aware that quite a few people who follow me are successful in a financial sense. I’d be interesting to hear if others have been through a similar cycle?

What’s Next?

With this line of thinking, I can’t help but think what is next. In many ways I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I’ve got more than I need. Maybe a new challenge is in order? Or maybe it’s just time to book up another break away with the kids. Maybe snowboarding? In recent weeks there’s a been a lot of snowfall in the Alps. I can only imagine the level of carnage with 5 kids under the age of 9 hurtling down-hill.

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5 thoughts on “Getting Away: Early Break 2018

  1. You’ve got what most people are chasing and that’s financial freedom but it’s only natural to always better yourself no matter how successful you are. Your only here once so you just got to enjoy yourself.

  2. You should work to live, not live to work :)… love to have that freedom!, it’s probly fair to say you deserve it!!

  3. Hi Caan hope your well. Been following you few years now. I have messaged you before i dont know if u still have them. Im trying to find front runner horses. Which site is the best to look at? Ive seen the pictures you have shared with the starting odds and what it got down to but cant find the info. Hope to hear from u. Thanks alot

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