Featured On…

Over the years Caan has been featured in many places. Perhaps the most noteworthy being Betfair and Betdaq, the two biggest betting exchanges in history.

Here you can see a selection of featured content created by the exchanges and some quick-links to the most credible news sources…

You can also see some of Caan Berry’s results by [clicking here].


BBC Radio 4

Featured as an independent gambling professional on the popular ‘You and Yours’ show, presented by BBC Radio 4.

The Gambling Times

Caan has appeared and written a column on the Gambling times as a successful betting exchange trader.


Most recently Caan was called into the debate on talk Radio with Alexis Conran as an independent betting expert.

Punters Lounge

Invited to the friendly community over at the Punters Lounge, Caan contributes as much as possible where he can.

In 2014 Betfair contacted Caan along with two others to take part in their ‘trade like a pro’ marketing campaign. The objective was simple, to share the story of highly profitable customers using trading software on their exchange. Caan represented the most popular application on the market, Geeks Toy trading software.

See the videos Betfair produced by [clicking this YouTube playlist].

Late in 2016 Betdaq also contacted Caan. This time to guide customers through the basics of using a betting exchange, as a successful trader. Starting from ‘what is an exchange’ leading up to more advanced videos, such as ‘How to trade on Betdaq with the use of software’.

See the 5 videos Betdaq published by [clicking this YouTube playlist].

Matchbook Traders Conference:

Caan also appeared on-stage at the Matchbook traders conference in twenty seventeen.

Seen here alongside Peter Webb, founder of Bet Angel. And Daniel Weston of Tennis Ratings.