Over the years Caan has, and still is featured by two of the worlds largest betting exchanges.

Here you can see a selection of featured content the exchanges have produced when promoting Caan's trading success! 


In 2014 Betfair contacted Caan along with two others to take part in their 'trade like a pro' marketing campaign. The objective was simple, to share the story of highly profitable customers using trading software on their exchange. Caan represented one of the most popular applications on the market, Geeks Toy trading software. 

You can see a selection of videos Betfair produced for YouTube here:

Betfair Horse Racing Trader


Late in 2016 Betdaq also contacted Caan. This time to guide customers through the basics of using a betting exchange as successful trader. Starting from 'what is an exchange' leading up to more advanced videos, such as 'How to trade on Betdaq with the use of software'.

You can see the 5 videos Betdaq published on their YouTube channel here: