Betfair Trading Community: Private Invite (Serious Traders Only)

Betfair Trading Community Forum - Caan Berry

Finally we’ve got around to adding a Betfair trading community forum to the site…

A few months back we sent out a survey to users, most of which asked for a community element be added to the website. A place for the more serious traders.

There’s plenty of places to chat, be it social media, private groups, and software forums to name a few. But as yet there hasn’t been a central place, focused on trading alone. Somewhere to share a little more!

As a trial, we’ve been giving it a go – and now we’re going to let in a few more users…

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Private: Betfair Trading Community Forum

First and foremost: What is our Betfair trading community all about? What’s inside?

Around a month ago we opened up the first community forum version up to a 10-20 users – mainly for testing purposes. More about who was invited in initially in second, the first task was to get everything functioning as smooth as possible, with a little light chatter amongst users. Thankfully, there wasn’t as many problems as anticipated.

From there it’s already evolved into a serious but social place, with a few consistent winners.

Community Forum Objective:

to create a unique support network where serious traders can chat, discuss and share thoughts on current sporting events and markets.

UPDATE: We have now opened access to trading guide users too!

Who gets access:

  • premium payers (verified)
  • video pack users
  • a few moderators

Who doesn’t:

  • troublemakers (sensible debate only)
  • unsolicited spammers
  • forum rule breakers

This may not be to some readers liking but we’ve added the community forum as an extra. It’s to be a relatively serious place where people can discuss their trading, and current market activity – not somewhere to abuse others and complain. We’re making no secret of it; we have very few rules, but access will be revoked for anyone that abuses others.

Betfair Trading Community 3

Inside So Far:

Although the forum’s in its infancy, there are already a handful of interesting topics appearing. Unsurprising with those who have been invited so far…

There are a couple of daily threads around horse racing trading both pre-race and in-play. A daily back to lay shortlist (similar to those posted on social media in the past) and one for highlighting early market activity. Over time I’ve no doubt there will be more.

Betfair Trading Community Members:

Trading Community Psychoff

We’ve put it off for a while, but we realise any Betfair trading community is only as good as it’s members! After all, we’re there to trade – not gamble.

Even though I’ve got a strong bias towards racing, it doesn’t mean traders of other sports aren’t welcome too. It just means I’m unlikely to engage heavily in the footie debate, it’s not my bread and butter (even if some things do carry over).

So who’s inside already?

Aside from myself, the next well-known member would be Psychoff, the legendary football trader. There are a couple more full-timers that I’ve been in touch with over the years too, although they’re not so keen to publicise it. But it’s not just for pro’s as we’ve got a handful of aspiring traders that are not yet profitable. If you’ve got access pop in and introduce yourself… 

How to Gain Access:

If you’re interested, there’s a couple of ways to access the Betfair trading community – depending on your position.

Some users have already been granted a forum account. You just need to hit up the link below, but be sure to check your profile before posting. You may want to change your username to something other than your personal details.

To change your forum details please visit your user profile, accessible via a link above the forums.

→ Access the Private Community ←

Betfair Traders Community Example

If you aren’t on the list, but you are a premium payer and would like access – please email the support inbox and we’ll get back to you asap.

Community Features:

In all honesty, the forum is really simple to use. Sorted in recently replied order you’ve got the functions available on any other community forum. We’ve kept the look clean on purpose, making it easier to understand and navigate.

Apart from the standard reply functions, you have three main buttons at the top of each page.

As numbered below:

  1. New Thread – speaks for itself. Before you submit a new thread, please use the forum search function to avoid creating duplicate threads.
  2. Subscribe – clicking this will enroll you for email notifications (associated with your account) for the forum or topic you are currently on.
  3. Profile – explained further in a second, this will take you to a forum account-specific page where you can update various fields.

Community Forum Features

Easy to use but effective. Anything else you may be interested in will be on the forum sidebar.

Your Profile:

Personal profiles are easy to update in our Betfair trading community, as per the image below you just need to click Edit (1). Followed by altering your personal information on the right. Instructions on how to change your forum avatar are via the link highlighted image here (2).

Having this flexibility offers a slightly personal touch, be sure to update yours!

Edit Profilegravatar

Recent Community Posting:

As I said, there’s a handful of forum topics already. One of the more popular ones being on weekend activity. It’s refreshing to talk to those who have some genuine motivation for understanding the markets – rather than expecting some mythical formula.

Last Saturday a handful of selections were pinned up early with users watching them over the morning and contributing. Most of which moved in the direction expected. Notably one went all the way from 10’s into 4.5. Hopefully, there’s more trading-specific talk like this to come. Win or lose it’s good to see other trading community insights.

To finish up, a few common queries we expect to surface…

Trading Community FAQ’s:

Is there a subscription cost to join this community?
No, the community is free. However, being a private community you will need to be a video pack user or premium payer; we’ve taken this decision to keep the forum the most professional place possible.

Is this Betfair trading community open to all sports?
Yes, Caan has a preference for racing and tennis although talk of all sports is welcome. As you may have seen above, there are also some very successful football traders amongst our ranks.

What makes this forum different from other places online?
Our preference is for quality, not quantity. You’re free to use those other places although our forum is exclusively for the serious, encouraging insightful discussion without the negativity of platforms like twitter.

Will there be live trades to follow inside the forums?
It’s unlikely that there will be ‘follow me in’ style trades in the community, although we encourage members to highlight points of interest inside the daily markets. Disproportionate gambles, bias, and sudden changes may be posted from time to time.

Is the community restricted to UK sporting events?
No – whatever you trade, you’re welcome to discuss it with other members. We would respectfully ask that all Betfair traders post on the forum in English though.

12 thoughts on “Betfair Trading Community: Private Invite (Serious Traders Only)

  1. Hi Caan

    What about a discount for the video pack course, to other customers that already bought one (or more) of your products? Kindly think about it 😉


  2. great stuff. just recently brought the tennis guide the horse guide and your video course. not started properly yet but am looking forward to becoming a serious trader.

  3. Hi caan do you have a backlog of daily shortlist picks that I could access to check the strike rate for robbing these selections?

  4. Hi i have not bet before and want to learn how to trade betfair what would be the easyest technique to start with i like the horse race

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