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What Will I Learn?

Pre-match trading techniques and indicators
Football trading strategy for in-play action
The easiest way to scalp football markets
Execution methods for increased efficiency
Why and when football prices shift
Understanding of market dynamics, characteristics and limits
Which indicators to follow and when they matter most
How a pro trader analyses statistical information
How to deal with and minimise losing trades
How to shape your mindset for long-term success
Which trading situations are dangerous and must be avoided

What’s Included?

Currently, when purchasing the football course you receive:

10 Course Modules (listed below)
61 Videos & Lessons
  2 PDF Checklists (Module Specific)
speaker Community Forum Access
 For All Levels

Unlimited access via desktop, mobile and tablet
testimonial link Full product support (including forum community)
  Future updates included for life
 Satisfaction guarantee (detail below)

Why the Football Trading Course?

Learning to trade football can appear a daunting task, there are so many different markets, streaming sources and strategies available to use.

However, knowing when and where to use the right tools for the job is crucial. Having learnt the hard way in the past, I’ve made a conscious effort to structure this course in a progressive manner giving you the fast-track answers to all of the crucial area’s of interest, and some.

Winners know that being smart always trumps working hard, it’s half the appeal of trading.

This is why I’ve created the best short-cut to smart football trading via:

  • Structured tutorials
  • Pausing & screen highlights
  • Thorough explanations and examples

It’s everything you’d expect by a verified professional.

This isn’t a dubious course from a fake or anonymous online entity making outrageous claims.

I operate under my true identity and have verified real-world credentials that have been featured by many of the industries largest brands.

I’ve made hundreds of thousands of pounds from trading alone.

You can continually learn from this course by:

  • Re-visiting and re-watching anytime
  • Seeing future updates/trades (included as standard)
  • Following the routine checklists

Caan Has Been Featured On…

Football Course Breakdown:

LEVELS COVERED: Beginner to Advanced

Modules titles include:

✓ Beginners
✓ Building Blocks
Stats Analysis
Trading Conditions
Trading Advice
Scalping Football Matches
Live Football Trading Strategy
Champions League Trading
Live Football Betting Strategies
Key Extra’s to Profit

Extra Note: We will be adding more screen recordings and tutorials during the 20/21 football season as it develops.

Private Trading Community Group:

As a course user, you also have access to a private trading community full of serious traders.

They’re an extremely helpful bunch…

Join them and many others on the course here…

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Money-Back Guarantee:

We’re so confident in this course we offer a money-back guarantee, within 10 days of purchase. If there is a problem with the product, or you do not understand a tutorial, email support is available. However, you should realise this isn’t a ‘get rich quick scheme’. Successful trading doesn’t just happen overnight, effort on your part is required.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know I can trust Caan?

You don’t! It’s the internet…

I understand the concern though. There are lots of fake review sites, false social media profiles and made up companies posing as professionals online in the modern world.

I have traded for a long time now and it’s well documented (since 2009) so hopefully, that speaks for itself. Betfair first featured me in 2014 as part of their ‘trade like a pro’ marketing campaign. Since then Betdaq and Matchbook have promoted me in similar ways. BBC Radio 4, the Gambling Times, Talk Radio, The Guardian and the Punters Lounge have all featured me too.

In 2019 I presented the main segment at the Betfair-endorsed Pro Traders Day.

You don’t get these kinds of opportunities if you’re not successful, or legitimate…

Featured by Betfair
Matchbook Traders Con
Guest speaker panel at the Matchbook traders conference
Stage Caan
Presenting at the Pro Traders Event (Sponsored by Betfair).
Speaker schedule for the professional traders day.

I’ve also accumulated a significant following over the years. If that doesn’t help convince you, I don’t know what will.

A quote from the community forum:

“This is a great place to start or get new ideas about BF trading strategies, the videos are really useful; clear demonstrations, examples and explanations. Not only that the forum is a wealth of help, info, intellectual and moral support from genuine people who I’ve found to be a great bunch! Nice to chat to Caan on here too, amazing support”

– Jayne R

Why should I take this football course and join the community?

You don’t have to take a course, but it’s a wise move, having learnt the hard way myself.

The markets are harsh, they will continually take your money until you know what you’re doing. This is why we’re continually improving the course. Additions like the trader’s community have been invaluable. Not only are users friendly and helpful, but offer a support network that has been through the same issues.

Will I need software to trade football?

Trading without any software isn’t good. This is a professional course and software is used.

If you aren’t up to speed there’s a beginners section to bring you up to speed. Which software you use isn’t important, although we do include some suggestions and reasoning for them.

How long does learning to trade football take?

Learning the basics doesn’t take that long, it’s becoming slick and decisive that takes time.

The footie course is packed with content covering a whole host of situations, explaining different variables. It’s likely it’s going to take a couple of weeks of thorough learning to get the full value. Users on the private forum have a range of abilities and everyone’s story is different, but some are now trading full-time. Speed of progress is often reflective of personal dedication.

Why is this football course different from others?

This course is the most comprehensive of its kind, designed with the users in mind. It’s significantly cheaper than other courses, available to view 24/7 and created by somebody who has actually made a significant amount of money in the markets.

The member feedback above speaks for itself. Having a unique support community also allows serious traders to share their knowledge and experience you might not get in public.

Will the course explain what causes price movement?

This is exactly what the course is about! Understanding market variables, what initiates market activity, when it’s most likely and where the limitations are. Without this kind of knowledge, very few traders will ever succeed.

Ready to start learning and join the community?

We’ve given it our all in creating this course, now it’s your turn…

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P.S. Learning to trade without any tuition is an expensive process, so do yourself a favour and get educated!