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On this page you'll find a selection of user testimonials of both the trading guide, video pack and a selection of references and links to places where Caan has been featured as an exchange trading specialist.

Betfairs Choice:

In 2014 Betfair selected several top customers as part of their 'TRADE LIKE A PRO' Betfair traders campaign. Based upon historical profits and trading ability Caan was contacted, see just one of the clips they produced above. Also, you can see Caan here on Betfair's learning directory.

It's not just Betfair that have reached out to Caan though. In recent times he has also been featured by Betdaq, BBC Radio 4 and The Gambling Times. 

Customer Testimonials...

From social media, email and trading forums on the web...

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If that's not enough, you can see a trading guide review from another sports traders website here.

Or the full email sent by a follower that experienced a real change as a result of assistance from Caan.

You can also see some of Caan Berrys result here.