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Advance Video Pack Course | Betfair Trading Systems

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Video Pack Course | Betfair Trading Systems

Betfair markets can be your best friend or worst enemy. Highly rewarding or totally brutal… having a credible mentor to take you through the storm is essential.


Do you sabotage profits through poor decisions?
Are you struggling to push beyond break even?
Does lack of market knowledge hamper your trading confidence?


The Advanced Video Package is an incredibly powerful visual aide designed to help you anticipate market movements before they happen, identify and confirm them as they do, and then execute your trades efficiently in the moment while limiting risk. Caan explains his view on the markets through screen recordings of his own trading experiences showing you how to apply his methods so you can:


  • Recognise potential weak-spots within the markets
  • Understand what causes dramatic price movements and reactions
  • Manage your positions like a professional and become the trader you would like to be

‘When it comes to market movements Caan knows his stuff’ 
-Simon Walton. Director, ProForm Racing

‘Caan is the read deal, enough said’
-Paul Spry. Founder, Geeks Toy Software

‘The videos are great … they offer simple but effective ways to improve your trading.’
-James Hillier. Full-Time Betfair Trader

Featured on:

Caan Berry is a professional trader who specialises in trading horse racing markets prior to the start. He has been featured on Betfair Learning, Betdaq Tips, BBC Radio 4 and in 2014 was featured by Betfair for their ‘pro traders’ campaign. You can see more about Caan’s background here.


Video Pack Breakdown:

LEVEL: Beginner > Advanced

Understanding what drives price movement, spotting early indicators, and acting upon them as they unfold leaves a distinct advantage. Executing effectively, on a consistent basis leaves us with a distinct advantage. Assessing the situation in a clear and logical manner is the easiest way to avoid irrational decision making and hap-hazard trading.

What’s Included?

  • 22 Module Course (listed below)
  • 96 video clips taken from my own day-to-day trading
  • 11 Trading Checklists (Module Specific)

Modules include:

  • Video Pack Introduction
  • Mindset: Key Points Before You Do Anything
  • Market Awareness: Situations and Market Dynamics
  • Executing Your Trades, Tips and Tricks
  • Managing Risk: Doing What’s Right
  • Morning Routine: Spotting Early Clues
  • Anticipating Drifting Prices
  • Additional Indicators External to Betfair
  • Using Significant Changes to Our Benefit
  • Trading Tipping Services
  • Scalping Broken Down
  • Swing Trading Examples
  • Multiple Trading Styles
  • How to Spot Genuine Money
  • Avoiding and Using Market Manipulation to Your Benefit
  • Trading Volatile, Erratic Racing Markets
  • The Market Spoofer
  • Specific Seasonal Opportunities
  • Trading the Irish Betting Markets
  • Backing to Lay Horses
  • Illiquid Trading on Greyhound Markets
  • Trading Large Racing Meetings