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Looking to get started out in the frantic world of Betfair trading?

You’re in the right place. Betfair trading education is crucial for beginners…

From knowing nothing to a basic understanding and more, we’ve got it covered. Simply allocate a little time to devour the subjects below to get off to a running start. Beginners school is designed to help you build the skills, knowledge, and ability to make the first steps towards profitable trading on the betting exchanges. Jump straight in and get started below!

sports trading on a race before it starts

3 Principles of Winning

Trading is tougher than it sounds, but with a little planning and perseverance, it’s quite possible. A winning trader needs to:

  1. Maximise Profit
  2. Limit Losses
  3. Repeat Over

We believe a simple approach is always best. For that reason we’ve laid out a few steps to help you on your way, starting from nothing.

Get started below!

Progressive Steps:

Below you will find the following:

  • Getting Started: What, Why and How
  • Tools of Use: Setting Up and What’s Best
  • Basic Understanding: Explanation as to how the

Our advice would be to take some time and make full use of this free resource center… and feel free to share it around!


Getting Started: What, Why and How…

From the ground up. Regardless of level, we’ve got it covered:

  1. What is sports trading?
  2. How does sports trading work?
  3. How much can you make through trading?
  4. Five stages to trading on Betfair for a living (Speeding them up)
  5. Newbies: 5 Common questions answered


Tools of Use: Setting Up and What’s Best

A few basics to get you off down the right path…

  1. Where you can get the right trading accounts
  2. Software explained: Geeks Toy for dummies
  3. How to read Betfair graphs and charts.
  4. Trading ladders – Different to the grid


Basic Understanding: Specific Explanations To Various Subjects…

The real basics have been covered. Now it’s time to look at some more specific topics of interest:

  1. How betting odds work – Understanding the over-round
  2. How does cross-matching work on Betfair?
  3. Explanation: Weight of money in betting markets
  4. Support and resistance [Video Post]
  5. Horse racing trading: 3 Simple Approaches 
  6. Tennis trading overview 
  7. Football trading: Where to start
  8. Beginners guide to scalping [Video Post]
  9. Swing trading: £40.26 in ten minutes
  10. Checklist: 5 Points – Backing to lay 
  11. In-play trading – Exploiting weak spots


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