Trading on a ladder can be confusing….

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Starting out with the Ladder interface can be a little confusing at first. Although it doesn’t need to be!

This week, one or two have mailed to say while they enjoy the YouTube clips they don’t fully understand the Ladder interface. It’s easy to forget, but one of those things that we all come up against at the start. I remember asking about it in the ‘Live Chat’ on the geeks toy forum many moons ago. The response I got at the time (I forget who it was) was to put my head on the desk at a 90 degree angle to the screen and then swap the pink and blue colours. Where, it looks a little more similar to the Betfair website. It depends on the setup or ‘default layout’ your running if you’ve just started but should make a little more sense.

The Grid interface always seems to be understood pretty quickly, probably because its pretty much the same at the website.

Here’s a comparison to show what I mean –



Looking at the grid it shows £63 available to Back in blue @ 1.36, and £16 available to Lay in pink @ 1.41. Just like the website. The confusion creeps in when not only do you have the change from horizontal to vertical odds changes, but a colour switch. Seems a bit daft, but I guess its subjective to opinion. If that’s not clear then hopefully amongst these clips on YouTube from some time ago you should understand. I talk through most of the settings on-route.


Ladder Clip 1  –  Ladder Clip 2  –  Ladder Clip 3

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