Where To Get A Trading Account… (Plus Free Bets On Offer)


This may not be for everyone…

But if you’re to start trading sport on the betting exchanges, you’ll need an exchange account. Below are the four most-used exchanges, in the order I would priorities betting activity.

The all carry different charges, although at the time of publishing – all of them have free-bet offer to make the most of:

Free £20 Bet For New Customers:

betfair logo

Betfair is the largest and most used exchange of the four. Liquidity is often better because of this. However, should you be successful on Betfair you may incur premium charges once you have exceeded the threshold. I’d suggest everyone has an exchange account with them at the very least. At the time of writing, Betfair are offering all new customers a free £20 bet. T & C’s apply.

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Free £25 Bet For New Customers:

Betdaq logo

Betdaq is the second to the exchange throne. While they lack liquidity in comparison to the above mentioned, they don’t have a premium charge for average customers and often run reduced price promotions. For a long time Betdaq run at 2% generated commission and have been running 0% 30 day promotions in 2017. Betdaq are offering all new customers a free £25 bet. T & C’s apply.

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£50 Bonus For New Customers:

matchbook logo

Text Matchbook run an alternative commission structure to the other exchanges. Commission is deducted from each bet before placement, this makes normal ladder trading a little difficult. They have hinted at changing their structure in the future, although the current model is more suited to arbitrage.  Matchbook are offering all new customers a free £50 bonus after sign-up. T & C’s apply.

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