Supply And Demand – Universal Market Forces!!

You Won’t Stop The Market…

It’s easy to get caught up amongst the froth of horse racing markets.

The noise, the constant changes. Prices bouncing around and then ripping back without mercy.

It’s exactly why I love it! But it’s the same reason I hated it in the earlier days…

Support and Resistance…

Here’s today’s YouTube update, along with a quick recording:

It doesn’t matter what race you’re in, this kind of behaviour just happens again and again.

Why? because it’s just general market behaviour.

Obviously it’d be foolish to base every trade around this. Although when combined with existing expectations of a market, the results are potent.

The Market Doesn’t Discriminate…

It doesn’t matter what price it is either. You can’t stop the market.

The most common cry amongst learning traders is the market is manipulative! And I don’t dispute, at times it is… but even the manipulative behaviour can’t over-ride market forces.

Inside or outside the trading world, the crowd decides and that’s it. If you were trading the 13:00 at Lingfield this afternoon you would have seen just that.

As you see (image below) on the shorter priced runners, the market was swamped with huge stakes. Appearing to knock the market back and fort at times, its surprising how little of the matched money in the market actually want’s matching at times.

If it wasn’t for support and resistance within the market backing up my decision it’s unlikely I would have staked so much. The point I want to make though, despite the huge £1,000’s  sat around the price before opening my trade – it had to give way. The price had over-reacted, it wasn’t right. (if you look at the current odds, I’d laid first).

Classic Support And Resistance…

supply and demand

Hardly the move of the century, although spotting a potential ‘pressure point’ building on the shorter-prices seems to be easier than elsewhere in the market. Why? Probably because of how noticeable the traded volume is as it falls into the market. From a manual trading perspective it’s easier to gauge than just a few bets. The main up-side being you can get on for a larger stake quite safely in this kind of situation, assuming confidence is high!


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Happy trading…

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One thought on “Supply And Demand – Universal Market Forces!!

  1. the video module give me an eureka moment i didnt understand why the market dropped a few ticks but then shot back up a couple after
    there is a lot of canny traders out there who have learnt to manipulate the market and thanks to this video module i now know what to look out for

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