3 New Videos (YouTube)… Feedback Required

Youtube Feedback

Time is short, and there’s always plenty to do…

So this week I’ve recorded a few clips about things that have been on my mind. Its a surprisingly quick way for me to respond to questions and empty my mind… let us know what you think.

I done this a year or so ago, although never carried it on for long. I know I can go off at a tangent at times but have tried to keep them fairly short to avoid boring you to death!

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What is an edge?

For those that have been in the markets for some time now, this may be less interesting. It amazes me how many attempt to extract profit from the markets that don’t have, or aren’t looking for an ‘edge’…

Dealing with Losses

‘Dealing’ with losses is something that’s on everyone’s mind. More-so than winning at times, which seems a bit counter-productive but hey. Here’s what I have to say about dealing with losses in the markets…

It took me quite a long time to get the right view on this I think, hopefully it’ll give readers a shortcut!

Personal Answer: Routine Question(s)

Here’s a quick answer to a few questions I get on a regular basis. Quite a few seem to centre around the same things…

If you have a specific question that you want answering, drop me a mail at support (I might not respond straight away, due to the amount of mail I get)

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13 thoughts on “3 New Videos (YouTube)… Feedback Required

      1. The book looks a bit daunting but there are quite a few good websites that have a selection of Warren Buffett quotes.Reading through them can be quite inspirational and sometimes relevant to Betfair trading.

  1. Love the videos Caan keep them coming……….one about what to do when a horse you are trading starts going up or down rapidly would be good and also how to know when this is gonna happen…Cheers

  2. Great videos Caan
    Very inspiring. I too want to be able to work in my pants one day. Ha ha. Keep going mate. As has already been said. Best blog out there.

  3. Hi Caan,

    Great videos- my problem is that although I have found an edge in some Long term markets I get out of winning positions too soon. This can be due to a number of factors however the main one being market liquidity is relatively poor some of the time compared to shorter term markets so I feel less confident letting winners run, out of fear of not being able to exit a position.

  4. Hi Mr Caan Berry.

    Great videos and insight, regarding all three. Pre-Race Trading – Losses – Personnel Approach.
    We all have to except losses, it’s part of the business like any other, we just have to swallow our pride and move forward. The Trading statement is a receipt, not a spreadsheet, the more mentally prepare and accept loss the less
    psychological capital it takes. We all are human and easily get emotional when trading, like you say it’s knowing the advantage of the market, and plan execute and bail out.
    The personnel side all depends on your circumstances and well fined work and leisure balance, it can be difficult, depends on various factors, your capital, your career goal/ target that you are happy with, the main issue is to
    schedule great Time Management into your Trading.

    “A Trader Who Has Never Lost, Is Not A Trader Yet”

    Best wishes


  5. Hi Caan , just watched all 3 of the new videos .
    So much sense spoke in all 3 .
    Keep of the good work fella.

  6. Can’t believe no-one has made a comment about you just wearing yours pants in the first video LOL !!
    Brilliant !! oh the joy of working from home !!

    on another note, great videos

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