Football Betting For a Living: £52,131 Per Month on Betfair [Psychoff]

Football betting for a living on Betfair

In the UK at least, football betting for a living is the would-be dream for many…

And while many will claim to do well, only a handful do. One of which, is the legendary football trader – “Psychoff”.

In an extremely rare interview-style article, Psychoff, a friend of mine has answered some of the most commonly asked questions. But before he does, I’d just like to say; over the years I’ve met some extremely successful, high-staking traders and punters alike. Psychoff is amongst the most interesting 3 for sure.

Professional Football Betting For a Living:

All successful activities are built on a solid foundation, and so we asked:

As a professional football bettor; what is your daily routine like? Do you work many hours?

My daily routine has changed completely since coming to the UK 10 months ago. Before, I was working as a psychiatrist for 3-4 hours a day in my office. In the evenings, I was trading football. I had a couple of hobbies like playing drums, cycling and meeting with friends. After coming to UK, the only thing that didn’t change is betting on football.

I spend 5-6 hours on a weekday and 10-12 hours a day at the weekend. Meanwhile, I am trying to create a social life and some additional hobbies. I like my routine a lot, generally speaking I am bound to them. I genuinely believe that this is one of the important reasons of my success when it comes to betting on football for a living.

A taster of Psychoff’s football betting HQ:

Football Betting For a Living Betfair

Most Intense Betting Moment

There’s no point avoiding it, everyone always asks this kind of question:

If you can remember, what was your most intense trading moment?

Difficult question to answer! Over the years I have had some very large losses, and wins. I can’t say any particular moment, but the Bundesliga II match where I won at odds of 1000.0 was really quite unforgettable (unfortunately I only staked 4 euros).

Generally speaking, I can’t remember most of the moments I won or lost big amounts of money. I think this is a helpful trait though. Forgetting the results over a short period helps me not to be affected by them mentally.

Football Betting System Psychoff

Having a football betting system you believe in is important. Without that, you cannot look at large wins and losses with clarity of mind.  You will just become too emotional.

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Football Betting Systems Future:

Existing followers of Psychoff on twitter may have noticed…

You have started to automate your work on the football. Scalpy, would you like to tell us a little about why? and how it is working out?

Football scalping is a particular passion of mine. And so I have started to build an automated football betting system. It has been my dream of mine for years, for many reasons.

First of all, a bot can trade in countless matches at the same time where I can do it in 2 or 3 at a time. Additionally, a bot doesn’t have feelings which causes it to make silly mistakes (the weakest part to any football betting system). Plus, it can react faster than a human’s eye. Finally, I am expecting the future of trading to have more bots. I am getting older and someone (or something) should be in charge after me.

Scalpys results after initial testing:

Football Betting System - Scalpy

While the football betting system didn’t perform so well this month, it wasn’t too bad when you consider commission and it was betting in 692 markets.

Football Betting Tips & Wisdom:

Everyone want’s the fast-track to succeeding, so we tried out luck…

Without giving away your edge, if you could give your younger self a couple of football betting tips when embarking on your journey, what would they be?

Haha! Everybody always wants football betting tips, here are my top 4 points:

  • Always close your position even if it is red. If you’re betting system says you should be opening or closing a position just do it. The urge will be to chase away a losing position or exit a winning one, these are not good for the profit.
  • Create your routines. Always use the same pattern, be patient (i.e. if you are betting at unders and overs markets) keep trading there. Don’t change your style so often unless you are sure that it is not working anymore). You need to know what is working for you and why it is working in your football betting system to do this.
  • Be careful after a big loss or even a big win. These are the traders most vulnerable periods. When trading football for a living there is not a margin for error in this.
  • Winning money is difficult where losing it is so easy. So; don’t lose your money! You can change the overall result of a day, week or month just by doing this. It is a wise thing to do.

If there’s anyone worth listening to, it’s Psychoff, here’s a screen-grab (taken from a video) from a charity challenge a while back.

Psychoff Results Football Betting For a Living

3 Months: Total profit 202,257.41

The Killer Question…

One that all of the audience can relate too; particularly if you’ve ever taken your approach to betting seriously…

When friends or family ask about your work, what do you tell them?

I’ve been trading since 2005 so this is my 13th year.

All of my family and friends know what I’m doing very well and behave accordingly. For example at weekend, my wife doesn’t invite friends without asking me beforehand. Similarly, she doesn’t book a holiday when the world cup is playing. She knows now when my key times are, she respects my betting on football for a living as though it were a job.

However, in my first years, it was really difficult to explain what I was doing. I remember lots of conflict and arguments within the family because of this reason. But now, they all know what I’m doing and they are showing respect. A large part of that probably comes from the success that I have established.

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Catching Up: London Beers!

Caan and PsychoffJust a final note to say thanks for Psychoff’s input, I know he’s busy chap. Not so long ago we met up for a few beers in town, an interesting character with a lot to give. After discussing various thoughts about the football betting markets it was an eye-opener. Quite amusingly, Psychoff had already trodden the route in various areas I suspected to be of interest… most of which he assured me are no longer of use.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the progress of scalpy!

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24 thoughts on “Football Betting For a Living: £52,131 Per Month on Betfair [Psychoff]

  1. The sums this bloke makes/ loses is mind blowing.

    Do you have routines Outside of trading Caan and do you think these help with trading?

  2. Guys we’ve got a proper guide about trading horses, Caan produced quite recently another one about tennis I think we deserve to have a decent guide about trading football. Any chance of getting such a book in the nearest future? Kind regards.

  3. I’ve heard about this guy before, one of the real winners in football. Thank you very much for using your friendship to bring this article to us, Caan. I realise much of the big winners keep quiet most of the time.

  4. A didn’t fully read this when it was initially posted; however, after following psychoff for two weeks now – I asked some of my followers about him – I was embarrassed by the response- feel like I’ve been living in a cave with the blinkers on!
    Psychoffs follow numbers speak for themself, in the past fortnight the guy has been on fire on twitter!
    I can relate to his story – about having initial friction with the family about betting/trading, with the certain stigma that usually becomes attached – usually from normal people unaware there are other angles of ‘betting’.
    Psychoff clearly has won the respect at home – and his Mrs now is flexible to his trading needs — I too had troubles with this, until the buck came rolling-in! Those were the days!
    Great post, thanks Caan

  5. I have been matched betting with little success. I have noticed small shifts in the exchange prices on Betfair and tried making tiny profits so think I have an understanding of how this kind of trading works but need to dip my toes in it now. Think I can get going with just £20?
    Any free guides on tennis considering the French Open is coming up?
    Thanks Caan, your youtube videos rock and you bring the message over nicely.

  6. Hi Caan,
    do you do personal coaching program? Or does Psychoff do it?
    I would like to learn from a Pro who can teach me the right mind-set for me?

  7. Fascinating interview.

    It’s interesting to see the variety of markets in which he operates. I wonder if he has a separate strategy for each one working independently or if he plays them off against each other to try & ensure an overall profit?

    Whatever he’s doing, it seems to be working.

  8. Truly when someone doesn’t understand then its up to other visitors that they will
    assist, so here it happens.

  9. @CaanBerryTrader I really appreciate having access to your blog posts back to 2017… It’s a gift to see insight from yourself and Psychoff as successful traders in this field. My best part of this blog is your selfie… Just a normal day as 2 blokes! Jeshu

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