Gambling With Fun: A Good Decision That Paid Off!

After a refreshing break with the family abroad it’s good to be back!

It’s amazing how a week away brings clarity and focus to the mind, often enhancing my trading performance in the process.

The time off was a good opportunity to reflect, which leads me to this update…

When’s A Gamble NOT A Gamble?

When I came across sports trading the world was quite different. Stigma around gambling wasn’t so bad and minority groups hadn’t yet figured out how to monetize their virtue. I stumbled across gambling and then Betfair trading whilst in the military. Young and on a low wage, I wanted to change my life. I’d become fed-up with answering to someone else, working the nine-to-five grind and wanted my children to have more.

I see gambling as the answer, but I wasn’t looking to take a risk…

Mr Poolside Mk II.

But the journey wasn’t easy, as long-term readers will know. I crashed and burned several trading banks on the way and faced much frustration, a couple of times I nearly gave up. But like all good things in life, the biggest rewards sit behind the toughest obstacles.

I’m so glad I persevered in those dark moments, I doubt last week would have ever happened if I’d given in.

Turning Things Around:

Trading results rarely jump from negative to positive in a short space of time. It took me weeks and then months to become profitable.

Having strong motivating factors, like family, children and escaping the daily grind got me going, but progress is what really built momentum. Many sneer at the thought of making £6 a race on average but I believe those early moments were the most powerful. After a while, they started to build…

Whilst I followed everyone else’s results and marvelled at some of the big profit and loss sheets that floated about, I realised the race was against myself. Creating a process where I would record, analyse, adjust and repeat was crucial. It’s the only way to take the risk out of gambling and make money.

Gamble Landed…

Going against the grain and taking a contrarian view can be tough, but it’s necessary if we want to succeed wildly. Fitting in with the status-quo, going with the herd and failing to take responsibility are not attributes aligned with success.

It’s been a tough journey, but one that’s worthwhile.

There’s been a few false summits but last week was confirmation that I have achieved the ultimate goal I originally set out to pursue. I never expected to have this moment of realisation whilst burying an eight-year-old on the beach but it couldn’t have been more fulfilling.

Water park fun.

A visit to Siam Park is a must if you have kids, just be sure to get there early and grab the fast-pass tickets for the day (limited supply). You’ll be waiting hours on the main features otherwise.

Identifying as a Mermaid.
Snorkelling at the beach.

It was an action-packed week overall with so many highlights. Snorkelling by the dolphins in Los Cristianos comes as a special recommendation!

I’m fully re-charged and ready to go now but I guess the question is – what’s the next big goal?

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4 thoughts on “Gambling With Fun: A Good Decision That Paid Off!

  1. Fantastic atmosphere in Siam Park, music food and families having a great time I’ve got some great memories visiting it with my kids.

  2. Looks great Caan. I haven’t done Tenerife with kids yet but it was certainly wonderful when I did a honeymoon there with the wife. That slide looks a bit much for my 5 and 2 year old girls though, fierce as they are…

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