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that hurt….


January 11, 2011

Ok so this weeks been a nightmare so far…

Monday morning I walk into work to hear ‘you’ve got a whole load of weekends to work‘ …. the joys of the military, more long hours and extra work for sod all praise and no overtime (can’t wait till I leave).

The first thing that went through my mind wrongly or rightly ‘noooooo it’s King George on Saturday‘ after a lot of squirming and persuading I managed to make sure I wasn’t to work this weekend (better than nothing I suppose). However, this week I’ve had no time to trade until today.

With a couple of hours to squeeze in it was to be my biggest opportunity all week. Everything started off okay; +£3, +£5, -£5, +£12 etc… then half hour before the end I got caught in the wrong place with too bigger stake -£63 ouch!! It wiped out my profit and left me about £15 down.

The next market I was in a mood I finished -£28… again pissed off, oh how I wish I’d stopped there… nope! I decided to have a lay, well… two… -£922.34  oh why oh why do I do these things? It’s ridiculous, and really hurt my balance.

Prior to starting this blog I did similar things in Nov last year. Now as it stands I have 69p in my account and have deposited far more than I have withdrawn, what a mess.

To make matters worse…

I then finished up and rushed out to an appointment I had. Where I live there is a rather narrow country road just big enough to accommodate two cars passing each other (just), my mind completely on another planet after the loss I come round the corner to see a new BMW coming the other way at pace… did it move over? no… leaving me nowhere near enough room ending up with damage to my car grrreeat! after catching the other driver up several miles down the road and forcing them to pull over I was greeted by some 70+ toffee nosed old git telling me to sod off. Admitedly, the mood I was in, I was probably going a little quick too, with my mind in another place.

Anyhow, what to do now?? I’ve had lots of time to think it all over and its either make or break time as theirs no point in spending a couple of month making a few thousand to have days like today and piss it up the wall in a bad mood, clearly I can trade a profit.. I just need to learn not to be erratic at these times, all in all it was only 43 quid loss before the stupid behaviour.

Think I’m gonna give it a break for a couple of days and start again on Saturday, any more bank busters like this before I ‘make it’ and I think it’ll be the end of trading for me.

Frustration doesn’t even do how I feel justice right now.

5 thoughts on “Crash and Burn…

  1. Unlucky about the loss there. I have done the same as you before now, you know its wrong but we always think it’ll be ok to nip inplay this time, its some thing you will have to overcome, as you can do it apart from the when a big comes up to meet you, much like myself.

    I am ex-raf, what station are you at, and unless you have got a sound job to go to, I would think twice before you get out

  2. Thanks but unlucky don’t cut it in my mind was stupidity… since aug last year when i started to turn some good results on inplay blunders now i worked out i’ve blown 4.5k… shocking.

    Im in the army so its alot bleaker for me unlike you crabs lol. In wiltshire at moment, id rather be on the dole than work with the monkeys i have to put up with on a daily basis!

  3. Not just you, have done something similar so many times. I know the shitty feeling and all that goes with it. I’m still struggling and can emphathise, keep going, I need to see it can be done.

  4. I just read this after you mentioned it in the youtube ‘giving up’ vid (June 2016!). If only you could have seen into the future eh? 🙂 Inspirational read Caan, I love your realness.

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