bank blowing reload

Ok so after a day or so off I’ve managed to stop sulking and crack on.

Reloading my bank from my overdraft for the time being might seem a bit crazy but if I don’t have the right size bank my heart simply wont be in it due to my style..

Generally I like to try to catch a swing with a half decent stake and ride it for a couple of ticks at least, sometimes I only put in one trade a market if im happy with it.

Behavioural Traits:

Also I’ve been looking at what causes me to behave like this. With a little help from the community on the geeks forum and a hell of a lot of reading, I’ve learnt rather a lot. There’s still more to learn but so far the advice seems invaluable. Lets just hope it works as its make or break for me now with these erratic bank blowing moments!!

It stems from that gambling/addictive behaviour, coupled with emotional overload that’s causing me to behave like this. Starting today, I have implemented a whole load of different processes to stop this madness. Depending on how well it works maybe ill go into it in-depth on another post. Routine seems to be key.

Today I managed to catch an hour after work and a few evening races. Results were okay (£40.88) but really it was just a warm up in my mind for tomorrow.

I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow all week, I’m trying not to pressurise myself a such too much because of it. Will Kauto win again??

…more to the point will his odds tumble or drift prior? I would have thought the former is likely with Long Runs odd’s likely to drift fairly hard. But I’d take that with a pinch of salt, the other of interest – Riverside Theatre, over priced in my opinion. Either way looks like a cracking day to trade.

I’ll update again tomorrow with the outcome. Good Luck until then!

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