It’s Time to Relax?

Firstly I had a few questions after my first post so I thought I’d just give a little more background info on the trading. I trade a pre-race to make my money as I’ve only ever had disasters in play…

The only exception is, if I’ve had a strong tip that I get occasionally. I may trade the price before and leave the hedge for in play. Generally, I keep my stake range from £50 – £200 although its something I may increase as time goes on but to be honest £100 stakes is enough to make a few quid.

So the first week of results are in… and it’s not too bad considering the time I’ve had, although time isn’t everything in this game as today proved, money can be made and lost in a matter of seconds so what’s the rush right?!! Something I’ve struggled with in the past, although today I got in from work having spent the best part of the morning doing a lot of running and the card had already started.

I was fully aware from past experience it’s not good to rush in and get stuck in so I took some time out to chill initially with the Mrs before jumping in the bath, I think this could have been my best move yet! Reason being by the time I was ready to start trading I was completely relaxed from both the exercise (worth noting I was well hydrated) and a good soak, the first couple of markets I took my time and took a little here and there working into it….. before I knew it was 4 pm I’d been trading a little over an hour and was £54 up, a good return in my eyes. Shortly after I knocked it on the head to spend some time with the family…. felt rather smug not so much for the money taken but more because I felt I’d practiced a valuable lesson I’ve had in mind for a while but never seem to be able to execute! Trading is extremely mentally grueling and today it would seem its better to spend an hour and a half trading relaxed, happy and in a good mood than 10 hours when your uptight and frustrated with whatever else is happening in your day.

First week:  Total P&L:  £273.90

Off to a decent start overall, not had any spectacular days as yet although I find it pays for me not to try to hard and take what the market offers me!

2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Relax?

  1. Hi Caan, as this is the first post you made on your blog, I wonder how long it will take me to read every post you’ve made? I have only just discovered the world of sports trading on betfair and I thought this might be a good place to start on my education. I’ll keep you posted as I go along!

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