BetConnect Review: Will It Help You Beat the Bookies?

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BetConnect was initially launched as a social betting network for sports fans and professional gamblers, although much has changed since.

Now, they’re bridging the gap between professional gamblers, matched bettors and savvy bettors who want the best price every time.

In this BetConnect review, we examine the pros, cons and value proposition of using BetConnect. It’ll be of particular interest if you’ve done some matched betting. Let’s begin!

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BetConnect Review: How Does it Work?

In recent years, how BetConnect works has evolved. It’s now a rather unique betting exchange. While their operation is quite similar to other betting exchanges, the interface differs significantly. It emphasizes traditional betting formats to attract and cater to recreational sports bettors.

As you can see below, odds formats are available in fractions and the default appearance looks like a sportsbook…

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BetConnect works by monitoring and listing prices on offers from major betting brands, as you can see above. Users select the price they want and place a back bet, which, in turn, is available for matching on the lay side. Users can switch between back and lay betting sides on the main header bar of the BetConnect exchange website (shown below). The default interface when you arrive on the platform is for back betting. This deliberately caters for the recreational public who may only be used to a traditional betting site.

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This is how user’s bets are matched against each other via the BetConnect exchange. Taking the biggest price may mean you aren’t matched instantly, although usually there is sufficient liquidity. For advanced users that meet the criteria, BetConnect’s exchange does have an API. However, you will need some technical ability to use the BetConnect API, there aren’t any public-facing software available at this time.

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For stake-restricted punters, this is a great way to get bets on at bookmaker prices. For matched bettors, it’s a great opportunity to lay bets at those bookie prices too…

Can You Make Money With BetConnect?

Damn right you can!

BetConnect only acts as a middleman providing the exchange matching facility. They don’t have skin in the game when it comes to winning or losing bets, so they don’t stake restrict betting accounts. Why would they? Winners are a good thing for them, it means more turnover.

Like all exchanges, they make their money by charging a commission on bets. We’ll explain the BetConnect commission rates in a second, but the main point we want to make here is; BetConnect allows winners. They don’t gubb or penalise players for their successes like a sportsbook. The exchange liquidity is the only limiting factor (mainly in the morning).

Can You Use BetConnect For Matched Betting?

Yes, BetConnect is a matched betting-friendly platform. They love matched bettors, they’ve even built a specialist feature for them. Known as Matched Betting Pro, this feature allows users to temporarily freeze the odds that are on offer so they have time to place the counter-bet with a bookmaker.

You can see more about BetConnect’s Matched Betting feature by clicking here.

For players who use services like OddsMonkey it’s a win-win proposition.

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Matched betting with BetConnect is a particularly good idea as it helps users avoid qualifying losses. Also, the sportsbooks have a harder time identifying matched bettors who use BetConnect because the prices taken on qualifying bets don’t have to align with traditional betting exchanges. Potentially, it’s another way to repeatedly slip under the trading team’s radar.

BetConnect commission is charged at a standard rate of 2%, although occasionally there are lower commission promotions available.

Betting Strategies for BetConnect:

There are many betting strategies that can be used with the platform although sports trading and automated betting strategies are not currently an option for the masses. There aren’t any maximum bet stakes set by BetConnect although getting thousands of pounds matched at the top price in anything other than football might be difficult. For this reason, the most popular betting strategies using BetConnect are likely to be matched betting or sniping morning prices for value.

value betting

As you can see, BetConnect would have helped you beat the sportsbook prices here without account restriction (click the image to enlarge).

BetConnect is useful for betting strategies that exploit extra places, each way betting and arbitrage. Due to the nature of the platform, it means you won’t be stake restricted as you may have with the individual books. In recent times BetConnect have teamed up with various matched betting services to make the placement of bets frictionless. It’s a smart move so watch out in the future because as BetConnect review their strategy, things could really heat up!

BetConnect Review: Our Verdict

In conclusion, BetConnect has changed considerably since its creation. There have been large improvements and their business model has evolved so it’s worth a second look if you’ve signed up in the past. There’s now a big difference in how BetConnect works when compared to previous years.

The main concern is one that applies to all betting exchanges – liquidity growth. We’re quite happy to use their service and recommend it to others.

If BetConnect continues to develop and provide users with a low commission platform that doesn’t restrict and penalise successful sports bettors then we believe they could become a serious contender in the future. Personally, I hope to see them rival the more well-established betting exchanges. Competition is always good for the punters, it means we get better prices!

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3 thoughts on “BetConnect Review: Will It Help You Beat the Bookies?

  1. Hi Caan, great article as always .

    Still trying to get my head around the mechanics of Betconnect.

    Would I be right in thinking that I’m usually getting value if the best price on Betconnect is priced above the price being offered on the exchanges?

    Thanks for your time.

    All the best,

    Just having a think about how I could use the platform to my advantage when straight out getting.

  2. Hi Caan, great article as always .

    Still trying to get my head around the mechanics of Betconnect.

    Would I be right in thinking that I’m usually getting value if the best price on Betconnect is priced above the price being offered on the exchanges?

    Thanks for your time.

    Just having a think about how I could use the platform to my advantage when straight out betting.

  3. I am also curious about value betting. I saw Caan do a betconnect video on youtube where different bets were placed on horses. I would like to read articles or see videos which discuss how to select the right value bets in more depth.

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