Tony Bloom’s Life Story and Net Worth: Inside The Billionare’s Fortune

Tony Bloom Face

Tony Bloom has become more popular in the media recently with an astounding net worth of 1.3 billion pounds.

But this isn’t an overnight success. I’ve been fully aware of Tony Bloom and Starlizard, big operations that are active on the Betfair exchanges for years now.

Below is a full video explaining how Tony Bloom came to become the world’s largest football punter and Brighton FC Chairman, often betting millions at a time…

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It’s a breathtaking story, isn’t it?

Tony Bloom’s Net Worth: How He Made His Money…

As reported by Forbes Tony Bloom’s net worth is expected to be £1.3 billion currently. It comes from a mixture of professional sports betting on football, poker playing, and being a serial entrepreneur. It’s reported that Tony made much of his money in the early 2000s when starting multiple betting and poker websites whilst applying statistical modelling to probability.

As you may expect with any professional punter, it’s hard to nail down specifics as gambling is often secretive. There’s no question Tony is up there with the best of them though as he bought a majority share in Brighton Football Club. Since then he has built a business and property empire, making him even more money.

Initially starting out with an accountancy firm in the 90’s Tony Bloom’s education has been focused on analytical data, probability and high profile decisions.

This is not a man that you should bet against!

When Did Tony Bloom Buy Brighton FC?

As mentioned in the video above, Tony has been an investor in Brighton and Hove Albion since the early 2000s although 2009 was when he made a £93 million investment becoming the chairman. Jumping into the Premier League in the 2016/2017 season has meant Brighton’s value soared to north of £224,000,000. However, this is not reflective of the £360 million that his is reported to have invested.

For the full story, we highly recommend that you watch the short video above it’s a cracker.

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  1. I wish I could have half these guys wealth and knowledge to make it in life just the opportunity would be good .

  2. About time Tony was knighted for his services to the club n the employment of hundreds of people arise Sir Tony Bloom

  3. Good luck to the guy, well done. This is what this country needs, so lets encourage entrepreneurs. Without them we will be knackered.

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