$700,000 Loan to $300M+ Premier League Win | Matthew Benham Net Worth

Matthew Benham Money

Matthew Benham is a high net-worth gambler who owns Brentford FC, Matchbook, FC Midtjylland and founded Smart Odds in 2004.

Since that time he has guided the Brentford Bees from Division 4 to win the Championship with the use of analytical data modelling and computer science.

For a unique insight into his story, check out the video below!

Who is Matthew Benham and Why Did He Buy Brentford Football Club?

Most people only know him as the owner of Brentford Football Club now they are hitting a rich vein of form, but there’s far more to this man than meets the eye…

There’s no question that this isn’t just about Matthew Benham’s net worth. Significant amounts of money have been invested in Brentford FC since buying it in 2012.

Check out their new ground below. Full details on the Official Brentford FC website here.

brentford football ground

Can you imagine how it feels to eventually purchase the club that was once your childhood passion? and then take them to the Premier League?

Matthew Benham Net Worth – Brentford FC’s Owner

Matthew Benham’s exact net worth is well into the hundreds of millions. The largest revenue stream comes from his own betting so it’s not easy to evaluate. However, a brief look at balance sheets for Smart Odds, Matchbook, Brentford FC and various other holdings shows a significant fortune.

Wikipedia’s list of owners estimates that Matthew Benham’s net worth is $280M although given his spending and Brentford FC’s recent improvement, it looks too low.

How much Matthew Benham has made from sports trading isn’t public although you have to remember he stumped up $700,000 back in 2006, long before the aforementioned successes.

Furthermore, it’s unlikely he has had to pay tax on some of his historical winnings if it has been done from a personal account. He certainly knows how to leverage his wealth effectively, growing at a rate many average millionaires could only dream of. Being the owner of Brentford football club, it’s likely his personal net worth will again explode if they should manage to stay in the Premier League for a considerable period of time.

Brentford FC: The Data-Driven Success Story Under Matthew Benham

Under the astute ownership of Matthew Benham, Brentford FC has emerged as a shining example of modern football management. With a background in statistical analysis and betting, Benham has applied a rigorous, data-centric approach to the club’s operations. From player acquisitions to on-field strategies, every decision has been backed by numbers and analytics.

This unconventional method, often likened to the ‘Moneyball’ model of baseball, has seen Brentford consistently punching above their weight. The club’s progression from the lower tiers of English football to the Premier League has been due to Benham’s visionary approach. At a time when big spending often dominates football narratives, Brentford’s rise underscores the potential of data-driven decision-making. It’s a story of innovation, resilience, and the fusion of passion with statistics, proving that in the modern game, brains can indeed triumph over brawn.

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  1. I notice all these successful people have one thing in common. They either don’t pay taxes or they pay minimum taxes! You have to hand it to them they understood the system far more than the average person before they began and then they found a way to succeed whilst also no not getting hit by the tax man.

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