RebelBetting Review: A Value-for-Money Betting Solution? 2024 Update

Rebel Betting has changed a lot over the years so this is a comprehensive review of the value betting and arbitrage software for 2024.

Both of these sports betting strategies are built on a proven foundation of mathematics and science. However, using these techniques requires speed and precision, which is where RebelBetting attempts to make its mark…

We’ve gone deep on this Rebel Betting review so check out the short-links listed below.

Rebel Betting Overview: How Does it Enhance Your Betting?

Initially released in 2006, RebelBetting is a sophisticated software designed for value and arbitrage betting, techniques where bettors profit from discrepancies in odds across multiple sportsbooks. Their software systematically identifies opportunities, offering users a streamlined way to beat the house across various sports.

By sourcing overpriced bets or covering all possible outcomes of an event, it guarantees a profit regardless of the result. Arbitrage betting is best when done fast, so Rebel Betting provides tools and real-time data to make informed decisions quickly. Its user-friendly interface, combined with powerful analytics, transforms complex betting scenarios into straightforward, profitable ventures, making it a valuable asset for both novice and experienced bettors.

The software is broken down into two main areas; value betting and arbitrage (aka sure betting).

Value betting involves placing bets on overpriced odds that have a higher probability of winning than the bookmaker’s odds suggest. Arbitrage betting, on the other hand, is about exploiting price differences between bookmakers to place bets on all possible outcomes of an event, ensuring a guaranteed profit regardless of the result.

Note: closing line value is the best indication of betting odd’s true price.

Rebel Betting software enhances the betting experience by offering real-time, easy-to-navigate arbitrage opportunities, automated calculations, and a wide range of global bookmakers, making it simpler and more efficient for users to secure consistent profits from sports betting arbitrage.

But before we look at the finer details, let’s discuss the most cost-efficient path…

Comparing Paid and Free Arbitrage Betting Solutions:

While Rebel Betting does not offer permanently free arbitrage betting software, it provides a 14-day free trial of RebelBetting’s service. This trial period allows users to experience the full suite of features, giving them a taste of the most sophisticated tools the platform offers.

In the realm of arbitrage and value betting software, most options are paid due to the significant costs associated with maintaining up-to-date data feeds. Bookmakers often attempt to restrict access to their odds data, making it challenging and costly for software providers to continuously acquire accurate information. This upkeep is a primary reason why comprehensive services like RebelBetting opt for a subscription-based model.

When compared to other software in the market, Rebel Betting stands out for its comprehensive coverage and user-friendly interface. While there might be free arbitrage betting solutions available, they just don’t have the data feeds. Impossible to use where speed and accuracy are crucial. Rebel Betting’s paid service provides more reliable and extensive data, a broader range of bookmakers, and advanced features like automatic bet logging and advanced calculators.

In summary, while RebelBetting’s free trial offers a glimpse into its capabilities, its paid service is aligned with the industry norm, offering a more robust and efficient betting experience compared to most free arbitrage software options.

User Interface and Functionality – Does it Work?

Rebel Betting’s sports betting software excels in functionality, offering a robust and reliable platform for bettors. Key features include real-time identification of value and arbitrage opportunities, access to a wide range of bookmakers, and an efficient bet-tracking system. These tools allow users to exploit price discrepancies effectively, ensuring profitable outcomes.

Each of these interfaces are broken down further in the review…

The software’s user interface stands out for its user-friendliness, catering to both novice and experienced bettors. Its intuitive design simplifies the complex process of arbitrage betting, making it accessible and manageable.

In terms of user experience, the software has been created so that anyone can use it quite easily on mobile or desktop.

How Much Money Can You Make With Rebel Betting?

Of course, the answer to this question is somewhat subjective. Knowing how much money you can make depends on how much time and energy you’re willing to put in!

However, with a £1,000 bankroll and using the value betting software, you could realistically expect to make profits of 3-8% on a bet. Bookmakers limit stakes so this isn’t infinitely scaleable although it’s reasonable to see that some of the Rebel Betting community users are earning between £500 and £1,500 per month. In some cases, a lot more.

The most important influencing factors here are which betting accounts you have access to, betting market conditions, frequency of bets, and efficiency of application.

Check out the graphic above for a peak into the cumulative profits logged by RebelBetting users over the last year, it’s quite a lot!

Try it out yourself for free by clicking here.

Value Betting Software Feature Review – Rebel Betting

The Value Betting feature within Rebel Betting is designed to identify overpriced odds in sports betting (aka positive EV betting). The software scans around one million odds lines per minute to help bettors identify mathematical value. Their advanced algorithms analyse multiple factors to highlight bets that have a greater likelihood of winning than the odds might suggest…

Here’s a value bet the software has identified:

In the above snapshot, you can see the list of value bets that have been identified on the left, with the highlighted cards individual details on the right.

When it comes to the value betting software, the user experience is simple and clear. Once a bet is identified as profitable we can click straight through the bet placement page and log the bet. Once the value bet has been logged, all information is recorded within the accounts bet tracker page. Once the event finishes, the software automatically updates your records in line with the outcome.

Profit, loss and cumulative balance are all documented as you can see below…

Bet tracker (click to enlarge in new tab)

Having spent a little time with this software, there’s only one problem – changing betting prices. We can’t change it with the bookies doing their own thing so if that happens the bet is best avoided. There’s a steady stream of new bets appearing so it’s best to review the value betting page for the next opportunity and move on.

Sure Betting Software Reviewed:

Rebel Betting’s sure betting software tool is an advanced arbitrage tool that identifies differences in odds between bookmakers. The idea is that this enables bettors to simultaneously place bets on multiple outcomes and lock in a sure-fire result. Placing bets like this ensures a risk-free return, regardless of the result. If that confused you, there’s a full arbitrage betting guide here.

Much like the previous tool, the sure betting software provides a list of cards and their respective opportunities (measured as a percentage).

Reviewing each card is similar to the sure betting app, although it’s a touch more complicated. Take a look…

The subtle difference here is that there are multiple bets to place for our sure bet. By betting all outcomes, at the stakes suggested by the software, we’re guaranteed to lock in a winner.

You may notice that the likely returns here are smaller. This is because the counter-bet, designed to hedge our betting risk takes away a little profit. It’s the price to pay for a sure thing…

Click to open in a new tab.

Again, the bet tracker and logging facility is super-simple. Aside from the previously mentioned challenges, I can’t fault this software. It’s a smart way to be sports betting and the Rebel Betting software makes it as simple as possible from a user standpoint.

Cost Value Analysis: Is Rebel Betting a Worthy Investment?

Rebel Betting offers two main pricing plans, each tailored to different levels of betting expertise and involvement. The ‘Rebel Betting Starter’ at £89 per month (with a 30% annual subscription discount) provides access to value betting and sure betting software, a bet tracker, odds from over 100 bookmakers, and additional exchanges and sharp betting brands for sure betting. It’s designed for those new to arbitrage or value betting, offering an unlimited number of suggested bets. The value betting tool limits suggested bet percentages to 7% on the starter plan.

The ‘Rebel Betting Pro’, priced at £169 per month (also with a 30% reduction for annual subscribers), extends its offering to full access to all features. This includes both value and sure betting software, the bet tracker, and comprehensive odds coverage from over 100 bookmakers and additional exchanges. This plan is aimed at more experienced bettors seeking extensive betting opportunities and advanced features. Bet percentages are not limited at all with this option.

Considering the wealth of features and the unlimited number of bets, the pricing can be justified if users dedicate enough time and leverage the software’s capabilities. The potential for profit in arbitrage and value betting can offset the subscription cost, especially for those who engage actively and use the software to its full potential. The key to finding value in Rebel Betting lies in consistent use and exploiting the diverse betting opportunities it presents. This makes it a potentially worthwhile investment for serious bettors who are committed to using the software extensively.

Plus, with a 14 day free trial (no card required) the software pays for itself in advance. Quite literally, there’s no reason to spend a penny of your own money.

Customer Service and Support…

Rebel Betting’s customer support system ensures that users have access to assistance whenever needed. It includes a live chat feature on their website, offering real-time help and guidance. For more detailed inquiries, users can reach out via direct email, where the response is typically thorough and tailored to individual needs. Additionally, Rebel Betting fosters a community-driven approach through its forum…

Here, existing users can interact, share strategies, and offer peer-to-peer support. This collaborative environment not only helps in resolving queries but also enriches the overall user experience by sharing practical insights and betting tactics.

Our Verdict on Rebel Betting:

When it comes to sports arbitrage software, Rebel Betting emerges as a legitimate and reliable choice. Its robust systems and data make it a trustworthy arbitrage betting service.

The only downside is; it can’t do all the work for you!

When it comes to its standing in sports arbitrage software reviews and as a sure bet arbitrage platform, Rebel Betting ranks highly. Its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and consistent performance make it a top-tier option. The primary consideration, however, is its pricing. While some users might find the cost a bit steep, the value it offers aligns with what’s on offer.

My view is that Rebel Betting is worthwhile for the dedicated. The more time and effort users invest in leveraging Rebel Betting’s capabilities, the more they are likely to find it a valuable component of their betting strategy. This makes Rebel Betting a sound investment for serious arbitrage bettors looking for a reliable, high-performance tool.

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  1. There’s been a few come and go but the same problems seem to arise for many of these sort of softwares. Data is expensive and the bookies try hard to stop them so it’s only those with a dedicated team of developers or a huge customer base that last! It’s pretty impressive they’ve managed to get so many independent bookies factored in. The new software interfaces is really intuitive too.

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