Rebel Betting Review; Is The Arbitrage Software Worth The Money?

Rebel Betting Review

Rebel Betting software has been a big source of debate. They have a lot of good reviews online, but they’re Trust Pilot score is very low. It’s time we did a full Rebel Betting review!

There are many strategies to use when betting on sports, but arbing is a huge strategy because you don’t need to know anything about sport to profit. The Rebel Betting Software is basically an arbing software.

In this article, we will give you a full review of Rebel Betting answering the following questions:

  • What is arbitrage betting?
  • What do you benefit from using Rebel Betting software?
  • How does it work?
  • How much does the software cost?
  • Is it worth the investment?
  • How do we rate their customer service and site?

What is Rebel Betting?

This is a betting strategy that is able to cover all the possible outcomes in a betting market. The strategy is meant to make sure you are able to win no matter the outcome. If you use a particular bookmarker, you can’t possibly win all the time because most bookmarkers have a margin of 3% to 10%. This means that you will end up losing 3% to 10% of all your bets if you try to cover all possible outcomes in one betting market.

For example; let’s say the true odds of a team winning is 2.0 and it’s a two-result outcome like cricket or tennis. The bookmaker will price the two teams at say 1.95 so they have a margin on either side. If you staked £1,000 on Team A or B you would win £950, thus creating a £50 margin for the bookmaker on both sides.

However, there is massive competition amongst bookmakers so you will find varying odds and fluctuations in prices that will give you profits no matter the case. In this case, you can place bets with more than one bookmarker and win without taking any risk, but it is difficult to find such an advantage because bookmarkers are trying to avoid arbs so they will quickly adjust the odds when this happens.

But, arbs are very common. Let’s look at the example above again – Both sides were 1.95. Let’s imagine you find both sides trading at 2.05 with different bookmakers – then you have a £50 margin on both sides because a £1,000 bet returns £1,050 on both. Usually, you can also arb with an exchange like Betfair. The bookmaker might be 2.05 and the same selection is trading 1.95 to LAY on Betfair. You place a £1,000 back bet with the bookmaker and a £1,000 lay bet with Betfair, giving you a margin of £100. Usually, you would even out your profit so you win no matter what.

It is challenging to find arbs, and you need to be quick as bookmakers don’t like them. That is why software like Rebel Betting came along.

Why Was the Software Developed?

Rebel Betting was created in 2006 to allow betters to access numerous bookmarkers online in order to find arbitrage opportunities. The software is one of the most popular in arbitrage betting sports, but it does have a lot of customer service flaws as you can see on Trust Pilot. The software is used by people all over the world and can link to various online bookmarkers quickly, which is needed when arbing. Speed is very important. Because Rebel Betting is now old, some people say the software is too slow these days – which is an obvious negative given how important catching the odds moving is when arbing.

Rebel Betting Review

Rebel Betting was proven to be very efficient and effective when they first came out, but they have fallen behind the competition over recent years. There are over 100,000 users in more than 100 countries around the world that are using this software. Their platform is highly respected in Europe, but it’s fallen behind in the UK market. There are better options now there now in terms of Price Matchers and Bet Finders.

Bookmarkers and Sports

The top benefit of the Rebel Betting software is its long list of betting markets and online sites, but this has been limited in the UK. Bookmakers don’t like to share their data for free anymore, and this has cost Rebel Betting. The developers have continued to add more arbitrage opportunities in the software but a lot of people now say the software updates too slowly and the prices are often gone by the time you see them. This can be very frustrating for the end-user.

How Does It Work?

When using the software, anytime there is an arb, the system will automatically display them on a list along with information on the percentage you stand to get, the bookmarkers, the sport, and other information needed.

Also, the software allows you to search for more data by clicking on the particular arb that you want. It will display the information on a new window called Arb Details, which is handy but also slows you down.

Users can also find more important information like particular markets, bookmarkers, and even a calculator. This will help you decide what amount of bet you can make and your likely profit, which will be based on your bet amount. To be honest, though any good Price Matching software should offer this.

User Interface and Custom Features

When looking at the user interface and the different features of Rebel Betting, you can see the software is very easy to use. You can easily add or remove the bookmarkers you do not want, again nothing out of the ordinary here software-wise. There are other filters that you can access like the time, the available markets, and many other features. You can also choose your preferred sound notification when new arb opportunities come up – which is handy if you like that type of thing!

Rebel Betting Review Module

Matched Betting Module

Matched Betting is very similar to arbing, except with Matched Betting you are using the bookmaker free bets to profit. Rebel Betting also provides these opportunities. When you use the arbitrage opportunities to qualify for a free bet, you are increasing your profit – however it must be noted this is a fast way to get your bookmaker account close or limited. We suggest you pick arbing or matched betting, and do not try do both at the same time or your account will easily get flagged.

Most times, matched betting does not allow arbitrages, you have a qualifying cost when setting up your free bet. Rebel Betting does try to get rid of the qualifying cost in the software – looking for arbs for your qualifying bet, and then obviously getting a free bet and making a profit on that. We don’t recommend this however for reasons stated above.

How Much Does Rebel Betting Cost?

The benefits you get from the Rebel Betting software aren’t cheap, and in our view they aren’t worth it either. Here are the prices for their “Sure Betting” which is arbing:

  • €39 for one week
  • €129 per month
  • €97 per month when you sign up for six months

Those prices are incredibly expensive. We don’t see why they are charging £129 per month when you can get other price matching software for just over £20 per month, and some matched betting sites even offer Price Matchers for free! There is a free trial, but we wouldn’t recommend that either given the prices you have to pay once your free trial is over.

Rebel Betting Review Conclusion: Worth the investment?

Rebel Betting has rightfully earned a good reputation in the market for arbitrage betting. However, the software has fallen behind in recent years and they have been overtaken by a number of other companies.

The software can be used by anyone, whether beginners or experienced hands and comes with a free e-book manual that allows you to understand everything about the program quickly. However, it’s exceptionally expensive at the price point. We don’t see a reason to purchase the software for £129 a month, or even £97 per month when you sign up for six months when you can get the software just as good for around £20 per month – or even free with some matched betting sites. This is the one big negative that puts us off using Rebel Betting; however, as you can see on Trust Pilot a number of people have run into issues when cancelling their subscription. That is also a big negative – you need a company you can trust.

In a nutshell, our Rebel Betting review is that the software is OK, the website is OK, the customer service seems poor for some people but overall it’s just not worth the money when you compare it to other products. It’s a classic case of one company standing still and being overtaken.

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  1. if youre not from the U.K. rebelbetting is about as good as a scam. They advertise to you and try and draw you in and hide their fine print. You’ll get nothing in return for air with Canadian sportsbooks, they’ll take your money and run behind their no refund bs policy

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