What Does Draw No Bet Mean In Football Betting?

In football betting, there are hundreds of different betting markets and bets that you can place. It is important to understand these markets if you want to make money long-term.

In today’s article, we are going to look at what the draw no bet markets means in football betting. Looking at the best way to use this bet and how to find value in this betting market.

What Does Draw No Bet Mean In Football Betting?

First off let’s take a look at what the draw no bet market actually means…

The draw-no-bet market is very simple, it is basically a market where should the draw happen your bet is voided. In this market, the only way you lose is if the team you back actually loses the game. If the game ends in a draw then your stake is refunded.

Should your team win then your bet is returned along with the additional winnings!

This market is also known as the Asian Handicap 0 market. Some bookmakers and exchanges will actually offer both markets despite the fact that they are exactly the same.

In the example above you can see that despite being in the same market Bet365 have different odds for West Ham. Offering 2.85 on the Asian handicap 0 market and 2.75 on the draw no bet market. If you are betting with bookmakers in this market it is always worth checking to see if one is offering better odds than the other.

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Betting £100 on West Ham in the above example would return £285 for a win, £100 if the game was a draw and -£100 should Chelsea win the game.

Getting Value From The Draw No Bet Market

Making money from football betting and trading is all about finding value in the markets. The draw-no-bet market is a great market to look at when you want some insurance to cover the draw.

It is a commonly known fact that football teams perform on average much better at home. Due to the increased support and familiarity with the ground they are playing on.

A good strategy to use for the draw-no-bet market is to find underdogs that have a strong home record. Especially when you get fan favourites such as Man Utd, Liverpool, and Chelsea as the visitors.

Brentford for example are a team that only lost one game at home last season. They beat the likes of Man City, Man United and Liverpool last year as underdogs, with their one loss coming against Arsenal. Going into the 2023/2024 season they are a team that could appeal in the draw-no-bet market.

In their upcoming game against Crystal Palace, their draw-no-bet odds are around 1.5 with most bookmakers. Which looks like great value given their strong home form last season.


The draw-no-bet market is a great market to look at when you want that added insurance against a draw. The odds that you get will be lower than in the match odds market however you are also going to lose less often.

If you are someone that struggles psychologically with losing periods, placing bets in the draw-no-bet market can lessen the run of losses.

Overall the draw-no-bet market does offer value to the sharp football bettor and gives you another betting angle to look at when approaching football betting.

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