Corners Betting in Football: A Market Full of Hidden Value?

Looking to make a profit from the football betting markets?

One of the best approaches you can use is delving into one of the lesser-known markets that are available…

In today’s article, we are going to look at corners betting in football. Underlining why this market is full of value and how you can look to take advantage of this!

What is Corner Betting in Football?

Most football bettors and traders focus on the bigger markets, especially at the start of their betting journey.

  • Match Odds
  • Over/Under
  • Asian Handicap

These are usually the first markets you look at for football betting. These are the markets where most of the money is bet, as such bookmakers often spend the most time pricing these markets and adjusting them to the volume of money that enters the market.

This means that they are much harder to profit from in the long term!

Bookmakers are using their best resources on these markets. Big syndicates such as Starlizard run by Brighton manager Tony Bloom are also focusing on these markets as they can get big money down. This is why corner betting is such an appealing market to look at for football betting. There are much bigger pricing mistakes that you can profit from long term.

Best Corner Betting Markets:

Wondering which markets you can bet on when it comes to corner betting on football?

On bigger games, Betfair will generally offer a few markets to bet on. These markets generally do not have much money matched earlier on. However, closer to game today there is enough to get bets matched. Its a similar time-frame that’s worth targeting like with laying the draw strategy.

When it comes to bookmakers you will usually have a wider range of markets and selections to bet on. Bet365 for example offer a number of markets;

  1. Over/under a specific number
  2. Exact amount of corners
  3. Individual team corners
  4. First half corners
  5. Second half corners
  6. First 10 minutes
  7. In-play corner markets.

As you can see, bookmakers will generally offer much more to the football bettor that specialises in corner betting.

Corner Statistics for Football Betting…

If you are looking to start betting on corners, then you are probably going to want to know where you can find some data related to corner betting!

Footystats are a good website to consider using when it comes getting data regarding corner statistics. They have a nice page detailing teams with the highest average corner statistics for the current season.

This is useful to get a quick outline of teams with very high corner averages that have upcoming games. However to unlock more detailed statistics you need a premium membership. Another good resource for finding corner statistics with more detailed breakdowns is windrawwin.

This site allows you to bring up individual leagues, along with individual team corner statistics. It also enables you to filter for corners won or corners against. Which makes it a very useful site for corner betting.

Why Bet on Corner Markets?

Football is generally a low-scoring game, however, there are on average around 10-11 corners a game in football. The corner markets themselves can be much more predictable. Football bettors with key knowledge of teams will also have a big advantage when it comes to corners.

Being able to look at the lineups and understanding how the full-backs will deal with attacking wingers from the favourite will have a big impact. Bookmakers are generally going to price the corners markets using purely past data. They will not consider the scenario’s where most corners are going to occur.

Let’s consider Man City for example and how two different players can impact the amount of corners in a game. Jeremy Doku and Phil Foden can both play as attacking wingers, however there is a difference in play styles. Doku is much more direct, willing to run at defenders and get a cross or shot off. Whilst Foden is more likely to look for precise pass into the box or go backwards and retain possession.

Knowing the play styles of these two players, if Doku was to start instead of Foden. My expectation would be that Man City are going to generate more corners.

Corners Betting Strategy Revealed:

The first place to start for a corner betting strategy would be using historical statistics. We have noted windrawwin and footystats as good resources to use. This will give you an average amount of corners of what to do expect between the two teams.

Next questions is does that correlate to the odds?

Looking at fixtures for today we have an international friendly between Portugal and the Republic of Ireland. Bet365 have a two way market for corners. Now this is an international game so we don’t have week to week data which we would get with other competitions, however this also means it is trickier for the bookmaker.

Over 8.5 corners is priced at 1.66 (Which indicates a 60% chance of over 8 corners in the match)

Under 8.5 corners is priced at 2.1 (Which indicates a 48% chance of their being less then 9 corners in a game)

If using the corner data we have suggests either of these odds are quite wrong we should consider a bet. However there are still other consideration we should be making!

  • Weather conditions
  • Lineups
  • Manager Tactics
  • Importance of the game (Friendly, must-win game etc)
  • Team Playing Styles
  • Neutral Ground?

These other factors could increase or decrease the number of corners we expect in a game. The more research you put into a possible bet, the more likely it is that your assumption of value is correct.

In-Play Corners Betting Strategy – Football Betting

One of the biggest edges you can have in the corner market is knowing player and manager characteristics. As we noted earlier if Man City are losing 0-1 at home and you see Jeremy Doku warming up on the bench. My expectancy would be that Man city are going push hard and Doku will be making direct runs, looking to cross the ball into the box at every opportunity.

The in-play corner odds are not going to be taking this into account as the player is not yet on the field. This can give us the edge we need to be profitable in football corner betting.

Our Conclusion:

The corner betting markets are something that you really should be considering if you are looking for side markets in football to profit from. Whilst most eyes will be the match odds, Asian handicap and over/under market. There are often times when the sharp football bettor will find a large amount of value hiding in the corner markets.

We hope you enjoyed this article let us know your thoughts?

If you want to keep developing your knowledge of football betting and trading read the article below!

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