A Massive week ahead of us & A big release!

So at last it’s here! One of the most exciting weeks of the year in racing lays before us….

If it’s your first you really don’t want to miss out! An exhilarating week of racing, high prize money, good TV coverage, and millions of pounds turned over in the betting markets…. A traders dream come true! Last year on the pre-race markets alone over £97M was turned over before the races started with a couple of races fetching more than £10M exchanged on Betfair, quite simply… if you’re new to this, it’s probably the easiest conditions to bag yourself some easy profit you’ll see all year around.Last year wasn’t the best for me, if you want to see last year’s end of week post you can find it here. This year I’m looking to blow that result out of the water…

Tuesday I’ll be treating as a bit of a warm-up day as is always wise with these events, just to make sure im off to a fair start slowly building over the week before finalising with one of the best races all week in the Gold Cup on friday. With some of the bigger names having dropped out it could lead to some more interesting betting markets, I’ll update with my thoughts as the days go by…

It’s important not to get too carried away and hyped up with all the buzz though for us as traders as it can lead to irrational things! Just be aware of that, im not sure what I’ll do just yet as it depends on the day but i may even miss out some of the ‘filler’ cards between Cheltenham just to ensure I remain centred for the next big race, adapting is always important in the different environments but with an event as big as this sometimes you’re just better off focusing on the important ones.

The ‘buzz’ itself can cause some over-reactions in the betting public offering us some unique opportunities to get involved with on large stakes although most races are likely to be extremely stable with out too many volatile price moves, ideal for scalping!

Important release!!

After the release of the Pre Race Trading Guide at the end of last year I’ve had a lot of positive feedback which has been great, many readers seem to have enjoyed it and been able to implement suggestions from it into their own game… in fact some have said it’s completely changed their perception for the better.

However there has been a demand from many to actually see me placing trades in the market much like I have done occasionally on YouTube with audio commentary as to what I’m thinking and how I anticipate a market will unfold. So with that in mind I have been recording my own trades for a while now to highlight certain situations and understandings for what I expect to happen next, the end result is here at last! You can check what’s on offer here and with a short introductory clip below!!

Over the next few months with the summer racing coming back on-line I shall be adding more clips, they’ll all be recent and up-to-date (at no extra cost). With the summer markets comes a lot more liquidity and opportunity to make money (a lot more money than Sept – March) so I thought it would be fitting to add them as they happen, making it the best experience for everyone.

With that all in mind it’s worth mentioning now there are clips included in this Video Pack of me trading the bigger events and how I approach them all around the racing calendar including Cheltenham last year!! If it’s something you want to see then I’d grab it now as this is just an introductory price for this week only, on friday it increases for good!

With or without the aid of the Video Pack I wish you all the best luck for this week!!!

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