Adding Value: Advanced Video Pack Review (Plus Sneak Preview)

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Advanced Video Pack Review (October 2016)

I believe in learning from others mistakes, it’s far less costly. I didn’t have that luxury when I started, barely anyone was sharing…

The consequence was it cost me a few quid on the way, which was half the reason I created the pre-race video pack. As the racing calendar calms down it allows me some extra time away from my own trading to upgrade and complete a video pack review.

So, here’s the deal:

Over the next 6 weeks (from 11th Sept) I’m going to review and improve the advance video pack, in a big way. It’ll be everything I have to offer.

Here’s a quick preview of what I’ll be doing, followed by more detail:

  • New Content – Deeper understanding of topics
  • Re-Making Original Content – Except with a twist
  • Add-on’s – To assist each section
  • New Users Dashboard – For ease of navigation

Bonus: Join me! From “oh shit” to “aha” I’m sharing exclusive content on my journey…

What new content will there be?

There’s going to be a selection of new clips added to develop a deeper understanding of how I think about the markets.

Why does this matter?

Possibly it’s been foolish of me at times but I take some things for granted that others don’t. You and I could both look at the same thing and draw different conclusions based on our perceptions. I’m looking to make by thoughts and the areas discussed more thorough, no stone left un-turned so to speak. On top of this I’ll be adding a few more clips about things that aren’t in the mix just yet.

Recording trades is easy but producing a good educational clips take a bit longer, hence the 6 week target! (also by posting about it now, I have not choice but to meet the deadline)

Learn mistakes

Why existing content will be better after the video pack review?

As with the new content I’ll be looking to upgrade the existing. I’ll be doing this by slowing things down…

  1. adding more pauses
  2. additional annotation
  3. highlighting screen areas more
  4. step-by-step progression

I want my message to be absolutely crystal clearer. Trading the racing within the last ten minutes or so can be fast-paced at times, particularly scalping. But slowing the clips down, pausing and then explaining my rationale behind what I’m doing it should make understanding a lot easier. Even for someone who’s still getting to grips with the markets and use of software.

If you have any suggestions for me as an existing video pack user send me an email!

What are add-on’s are included in the video pack review?

Some users have requested a ‘checklist’ to accompany the clips, so you can watch the video, take the information on-board and then put it into practice while trading. I think it’s a good idea, so I’ll be slipping in some add-on’s like this for each section. Hopefully it’ll make for a smoother transition into profitable trading for you after getting stuck in to the content.

I’m fully aware that, in the heat of the moment it’s easy to forgetting what you just learnt. Particularly on a busy Saturday afternoon card and races come at you thick and fast, keeping a systematic approach is what’s needed most of all with just 5 minutes between races.

Occasionally people don’t understand the terminology I use, particularly users from abroad (sorry about that). I’ll add a glossary of terms just encase you didn’t get it.

What changes to the dashboard?

At the moment the internal dashboard is pretty basic but does the job. That’ll change too.

I’ll look at changing the dashboard structure and appearance to make navigation easier, and slightly more glamorous. All-in-all, with the new clips and add-on’s it’ll make for far better viewing.

So what’s the catch?

There isn’t one. The price will increase upon release although it shouldn’t be more than £175, existing users don’t need to worry as it’s a one time purchase and everything’s included.

Now, I best get busy…

Video Pack Review Updated: Sneak Preview…

It’s taken slightly longer than expected but the video pack review will be complete by next week (31st).

Why has it taken longer?

I won’t bore you but editing the videos has taken a lot longer than expected. I’m not willing to rush things though!

Also the dashboard update means I’ve had to wait on a third party. Here’s a snapshot of the new layout…

video pack review updated caan berry

The package is going to be broken down into 22 modules (12 videos being the most in one module). There’s also plenty of new content added.

The reviewed video pack dashboard will have a marking system to keep track of what you’ve viewed. I’ve also structured it so it’s more digestible in a progressive manner and explained why it’s best to consume the content in the correct order.

New Videos:

Here’s a couple of snaps from a new Betfair trading video I recorded earlier in the month.

The result:

Video Pack Recording

Snapshot from the recording:

video pack reveiw video snap

Having the existing video’s included is still important although having the original recording files means that new content is a lot slower and simpler to digest. Feedback from existing users was that; while the content was great they sometimes found it hard to keep up with reactions made. This time around the new clips are slowed down, paused and highlighted as the happen.

In the pre-race trading markets things can change quite quickly. Slowing down the recordings and adding explanation is one of my priorities because of this!

If there’s one thing that adds massive value to this video pack review it’s the pausing and highlighting on-screen.

New Checklists:

Many modules now have a ‘checklist’ to consider. This should really help keep you on track when approaching the various situations and strategies discussed.

I have to thank an existing video pack user for this suggestion. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and lose your bearings in the noise of pre-race markets.

See below:

checklist video pack review snippet

Each checklist is view-able on the link inside each module.

Following the video pack review the modules are broken down into the following modules:

  • Video Pack Introduction
  • Mindset: Key Points Before You Do Anything
  • Market Awareness: Situations and Market Dynamics
  • Executing Your Trades, Tips and Tricks
  • Managing Risk: Doing What’s Right
  • Morning Routine: Spotting Early Clues
  • Anticipating Drifting Prices
  • Additional Indicators External to Betfair
  • Using Significant Changes to Our Benefit
  • Trading Tipping Services
  • Scalping Broken Down
  • Swing Trading Examples
  • Multiple Trading Styles
  • How to Spot Genuine Money
  • Avoiding and Using Market Manipulation to Your Benefit
  • Trading Volatile, Erratic Racing Markets
  • The Market Spoofer
  • Specific Seasonal Opportunities
  • Trading the Irish Betting Markets
  • Backing to Lay Horses
  • Illiquid Trading on Greyhound Markets
  • Trading Large Racing Meetings

If you’re waiting for the update, hold on tight! It shouldn’t be too long and it’ll be worth the wait.

By the time this video pack review is complete there will be nothing more I can show.

See the Advanced Video Pack

Initial Feedback…

caan berry video pack review

32 thoughts on “Adding Value: Advanced Video Pack Review (Plus Sneak Preview)

  1. Gday Caan ,

    The ways you tackle trading in England , have you applied them to Australian racing , because i am asleep when your races are on , I was really wondering if your trading book and videos are of value to me given the liquidity in England vs Australia’s liquidity

  2. Hi Greg, similar methods will apply. Although in all honesty I don’t see the Aus racing as worth it much like the US racing. Money there to be made of course, although more limiting.

      1. It’s a tricky one, I would say it’s an attractive price, along with the guide. Which in turn, would result in more interest over the longer term.

  3. Hi Caan, I assume the quote from the original video package page : “One time purchase, regardless of additional clips in the future!”

    Still stands?

  4. Hi Caan, would it be to much to expect a personal response form you, I commented on a post on your site, which you read and approved, yet never replied too, gutted as you are/were local to me, would have been useful.

  5. Hi Caan would love to see a video on what is your reasoning for thinking that a price that goes against you will keep going against you so get out as quick as possible, or what is it that makes you think it will come back to you again… cheers

  6. Hi Caan since I got your video pack ,I have been in profit for the first time 4 weeks in a row ,so glad I came across your site so looking forward to the updates .Kindest Regards Billy

  7. Brilliant Caan.. can’t wait I’m doing ok with your help so far so hopefully this will bring on my trading even more, cheers

  8. Hi Caan,

    Recently, you told me there is no subtitle in the video pack, but you said you would improve something on. I still don’t understand what you mean that you would improve something on, but please explain me more. I still do not see a subtitle in the updating video pack (

    I really need subtitle that would benefit me!

      1. Why not? Unfortunately, I’m slightly doubtful that annotation will do everything for me. Could you please generate a transcript on the video pack for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Hi mate, i’m itching like i’ve had a bath in nettles for this update.. is it still on for today?
    I’ve been checking everyday man, where’s the high grade at? lol

    1. Hi Caan I have had a dabble on betfair. are these Videos suitable for a novice to start to learn from thanks. Dill

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