Betfair Trader Give-Away (Worth £700+)

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There’s no catch…

When I started out in the markets there was little to nothing in the way of learning. If you’ve read a little about me you’ll know I hardly come from an academic background either.

I’m happy to say I’ve now reached the point where I’m quite comfortable as a result of my efforts.

So I was sat here in the new office last week, after a hectic few days of moving into the new house feeling rather chuffed with myself. The thought; maybe it’s time to give a little? went through my mind… here’s what I settled on for now!

It seems like forever since I first read that book, maybe I should again. But in reality; five or six years is a small space of time.

I’m extremely grateful for all that I’ve learnt and the success it’s brought and still brings. Hopefully the ten items listed in the video will be all that some needs to have as much success as I have, hopefully more!

I’m off on holiday again next week, if you’ve mailed me over the next week or so please be patient! I will check the inbox once or twice while away…


First draw has been completed and winners messaged.

Winning Subscribers (YouTube Names);

  1. Ian Oliver
  2. Matt P
  3. Joey BSide

Second draw has been completed! (September)

  1. Steve Cronin
  2. Paul Hardingham
  3. Malcom Clarke

Third draw has been completed (October)

  1. Des M

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