Betfair Training Courses & Bigger Offices…

Last updated March 4th, 2017

Betfair Training Courses – Office Upgrade…

Betfair Trading Courses

For some time I’ve meant get a larger office space, finally it’s happening. There’s a couple of reasons for the move;

  1. It’s not that healthy working from home all the time (although it has its benefits). I doubt I’ll completely stop it though.
  2. The demand for Betfair training courses.
  3. Motivation, routine and distractions.

Trading from an office at home was pretty awesome when I first started out; rolling out of bed late, playing computer games, drinking beer (that probably won’t stop), not having to get dressed etc. But after years of it I’ve got a little to accustom too it, getting away from the distractions should be a positive move. Plus it’s about time I did something on the Betfair training courses front; enough of you have asked me over the years.

Betfair Training Courses…

With the added office space there should be space to start a series of small training courses. At this point in time I don’t know exactly what it would consist of. However I am aware there’s a number of followers that would at least be interested.

If that’s you then add your email here and when the time comes I’ll send you specific details of course dates, numbers, availability and a full outline of what’s to be expected.

Be sure to check and open email confirmation after sign-up!

September Update: 

10 thoughts on “Betfair Training Courses & Bigger Offices…

  1. Wow!
    Great news,great job!
    Well done Caan,unfortunately I can’t go to course/distance problem/but really happy to know you are well.Thx for all advice on you tube channel and good luck for your challange!

  2. Hi Caan, accidentally bought your trading guide twice! If you could cancel the e-cheque on paypal before it clears that would be great.

  3. Hi Caan I’m very interested in the course. I’m in the Uk for another couple of weeks, so would be great if there is a course available during that time. If not I’ll fly back as soon as you know the dates.

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