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Sports Trading Courses. Avoid Losses, Start Winning…

Sports trading courses

Why would you want a sports trading course?

It’s estimated only 5 – 9% of exchange users make any money, period.

Those that go on to make over six figures a year are even smaller. It’s not all doom an gloom though, Betfair claims to have over 4,000,000 customers. If this is to be true, between 200,000 and 360,000 have made some money.

It’s plain to see: there’s some big money to be made through the exchanges.

Why Take Trading Courses?

Aside from the monster money that passes through Betfair and the like, there’s a whole variety of reasons you should take a course. But before I lay everything out in this post, not serious about making money through trading sports? click away now.

I wouldn’t advise half-arsing it. Save your precious time.

When I started out writing this blog I had a modest goal, although it didn’t feel it at the time. To make £28,000 in a year through sports trading. At the time there was one proper Betfair trading course that I’m aware of, I never went on it. Looking back, it was probably a mistake.

I’ll never know, maybe I could have hit the top of my game far earlier.

Look: the benefits of taking a sports training course are clear…

  • Fast learning – maximising earning potential.
  • Fewer expensive mistakes – saving funds in the process.

It’s really obvious, but still, many don’t treat it seriously. It’s madness! you’re willing to spend huge amounts on university fees, or even an open university degree (committing lots of time). But a few hundred quid on a sports trading course is too much?

Here’s how I see it: The uni degree may get you a better job (or not get used). Yet when I started trading I wanted £28,000 a year. Within a couple I’d blown it well out the water, started having several holidays a year, bought a high performance car and live in a premium area where everyone else on my street is retired. I’m 30 by the way (whilst writing, 2017).

Thats why if I were to start from scratch I’d take a course every time…

Which Sports Trading Course?

Everyone’s in a different position. There’s a couple of different options at this stage, more detail later in the post.

Novice – You’ve just tipped up, day one. You barely even know how an exchange works. If that’s the case, here are your first 3 steps:

  1. See this link to get started.
  2. Subscribe on YouTube and see a vault of followers questions already answered.
  3. Get some free lessons sent to you, link being on the sidebar or bottom of this post.

Beginner – Now we’re cooking, you know what an exchange is, how it works and you’ve at least downloaded a software trial. Personally I advise the Geeks Toy, I’ve always used it. From here you’re looking for a little guidance, market functions, driving forces, how they work essentially. This is why I created the trading guide, it’s a cheap start, but far less than your first cock-up. It also includes a couple of easy strategies. Most new sports traders blow their bank within the first 3 months. Be careful and follow it’s guidance and it just won’t happen.

This alone has really sorted some followers trading out, just look at the testimonials page.

Moderate – The serious stuff. Understanding the markets is helping out, progress is steady and you’re committed. After the trading guide, several asked to see my trades in action. That’s how this started, since then it’s developed somewhat into the advanced video package. A collection of videos and checklists explaining whats happening on the screen, in the market, real-time. A little more expensive, but nothing like that university bill. The premium product at this point in time.

Physical Day Courses – There’s been plenty of requests for classroom style courses. As yet, there isn’t any. There may well be in the future although at the moment there just isn’t the time for my own trading, the website, social feeds and planning an in-house course with bookings to manage. I’m sure it’ll happen at one point for another though. When it does I’ll let the mailing list know.

Why These Courses?

Each of the courses include all future updates upon purchase. As it stands, both the trading guide and video package have been updated several times since initial release in 2014.

Amongst the sports trading community they’ve built a solid reputation. Betfair are regularly in touch too, they used my success as marketing material in the trade like a pro campaign. They wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t for my accounts profits. It’s taken a little while, but the sports trading courses I offer are now presented clearly and are from somebody who’s actually a profitable trader.

Genuine advice: For a second here I’m going to step out of my “website shoes” and be completely honest. There’s alternatives out there, some of which are less than honest. If you’re to spend money on training courses, do some homework on who you’re buying from and see if they’re listed on the Betfair apps directory. The same goes for software products.

Support: All courses come with user support. We have a dedicated support representative via email to resolve all questions and queries. Specific technical questions are also often answered by myself.

Sports Trading Course Format:

The online courses are laid out in a clear format, within a secure area on the website.

Once logging in, they’ll look something like this…

video pack review updated caan berry

Above: Snapshot from inside the video pack course.

Each sports trading course is broken down into modules, that then break down further into separate pages listing the video content and checklists. As you can see, each section comes with a marking system so that no matter what device or location you log in from you don’t lose track. Future content is added to the bottom of each module.

I’ve set the courses out like for ease, plus it’s proven that quality format speeds learning (source: Huffington Post).

How Quick Can You Become A Sports Trader?

No bullshit – there’s no guarantee with this one. It’s not a get-rich-quick system or scheme.

Trading sports takes a fair amount of effort and dedication, as I mentioned right at the beginning of this post. It shouldn’t be looked upon as a quick smash-and-grab. Although, in some instances progress can happen very fast for the right person. Personally, it took me a little over a year to start churning out profits. The upside being, shortly after, they sky-rocketed. I literally went from making £500 a month from an evening to £3,500 in the same time-frames. But not every sports trader is going to be the same…

Obviously I want to speed up the process for everyone I possibly can, and when someone lets me know they’re experiencing the quickening it’s great. But I’d rather keep it real and be honest, not everyone makes it.

One thing is for certain though; If you don’t try, it wont be you!

Get Started Now…

If you’re not sure about which sports trading course to go for just yet, hit up the lessons below to get started for free…

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  1. Wow!
    Great news,great job!
    Well done Caan,unfortunately I can’t go to course/distance problem/but really happy to know you are well.Thx for all advice on you tube channel and good luck for your challange!

  2. Hi Caan, accidentally bought your trading guide twice! If you could cancel the e-cheque on paypal before it clears that would be great.

  3. Hi Caan I’m very interested in the course. I’m in the Uk for another couple of weeks, so would be great if there is a course available during that time. If not I’ll fly back as soon as you know the dates.

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