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Video Pack Course Improvements 2018… [VIDEO POST]

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So at the end of September there was a pretty big trading guide upgrade for anyone that has it.

Now, it’s the video pack course’s turn! (at no extra cost).

Below there’s a quick overview of what’s been improved, and what’s just around the corner for subscribers…

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What’s Been Improved?

There have been a number of back-end style improvements recently. For anyone that’s been a subscriber of the pre-race video pack, you’ll have seen quite a few changes.

Other than being a bit easier on the eye, the video pack is now fully compatible with mobile, tablet and desktop for easier and more convenient viewing. Menu navigation has seen a few changes, linking in with the previous functionality of progress tracking. There’s quite a number of videos within the package so keeping track of where you are is handy, just in case you don’t revisit things for a week or so.

Regular users may have already noticed a few subtle changes to the user dashboard, although the biggest and most valuable update has to be full audio logging. That problem is now solved…

Take a look inside for yourself: 

I’m fully aware I talk quite fast at times, and some don’t catch my accent.

Didn’t quite catch something I said? You can see it word for word here, just like inside.

See this video's time-stamped audio log here.

New Video’s:

It’s been a while since some unique video’s have been added, although there are plans for more in the coming months!

The main theme being a little bit of re-structuring. Videos that have been added in the last 12 months or so include more annotation, highlighting and broken down explanation. They’re far more educational. Originally users wanted to see my trades as they happened with my thought processes. It’s been taken that bit further in the most recent videos though, any future additions will be just like this – with even more detail to make my thoughts more digestible.

Having a third-party go through some of the clips has added an edge to the process of explanation. We’ve also realised that some video pack users are totally new to the concept of trading betting odds, some have barely used software before. It’s likely that future videos will contain a little pausing and slowing down of the videos for extra clarity.

[Q & A] Your Input…

It’s been a while since I added any new videos to the YouTube Q & A series. Most questions seemed to centre around the same things, however it’s likely to start-up again soon. Just now it seems like a good time to ask for any feedback, improvements or points users would like to see in the future. Maybe the ability to submit a recording of your own for analysis is an option? At this stage we don’t know, keen to hear any suggestions.

In the meantime the YouTube Q & A will probably emerge once more! Be sure to look out for any additional video pack features and clips on your dashboard in the coming months…

See the Video Pack Details

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15 thoughts on “Video Pack Course Improvements 2018… [VIDEO POST]

  1. Haven’t completed it yet but good to see. I find that watching a couple of videos before I trade puts me in a better frame of mind. One would presume it is through reassurance at times, whereas previously I would get uptight before I had really begun. I don’t know if you mean submit a video for the YouTube questions and answers? I’m not sure I would do that, or that others would watch it! Ha

    1. Hi Samuel,

      Quite possibly, a lot of trading problems are manifested from the traders own fears and doubts. Missing out being the most common. I didn’t mean YouTube so much, although haven’t any idea how it could be done effectively to be honest. Thanks for contributing.


  2. Christmas come twice! If only the first round was free. Admirable you should provide these updates for free instead of charging for aftercare. Keep up the good work in the new year.


  3. Hi Caan, I was thinking it would be useful to be able to reset the videos to unwatched again. Then when re-watching you could tick them off again and know where you are. Unless it’s already possible and I’ve missed this?


  4. Delighted to see this news Caan. You are a gent, free extras instead of attacking your competition. Sad seeing them quarrel!

    I have made some progression recently but have to put trading on hold for now as my wife is not very well. Looking forward to the Cheltenham festival next.

  5. Hi Caan. Firstly I’d like to say a big thanks your video pack has been on a great help to me and I’m now trading for a good profit each day. I’m going full time after new year and just wondered what you did with the HMRC? Did you Inform them what you was going to Do? Thanks again

    1. Thanks, glad to hear it. Regarding HMRC, they view gambling income as not possible and therefore non taxable. If acting as a business/syndicate it could be a little different and worth contacting them. I contacted them years back and they assured me it wasn’t something to worry about.

  6. If you decide to use videos from other people I would be more than willing for you to analyse some of mine. I have been trading for 3 years now and am on the point of giving up. If you could help in any way, then it would be worth it

  7. I think it is a culmination of a few things. Firstly, I have been doing it for more than 3 years and I turned a £100 bank into £1000 by last September, thought I had just about cracked it, and have not had a single profitable week since. I understand that profit is not the be all and end all but I just feel very demoralised after patiently building my bank over such a long and difficult journey….and now I see it all just slowly draining away week by week

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