Markets. Change. Survival.

There’s always plenty of negative talk about markets changing… which can be quite worrying if you’re about to put your heart-and-soul into this trading malarkey. The idea of discovering edges only for them to disappear of the face of the earth is a little scary. In the past I was a little anxious about it… Read More »

Geeks Toy For Dummies: Software Fully Explained…

A Geeks Toy Pro For Dummies… If you can’t understand the Geeks Toy by the end of this post, I’m the dummy. Many readers have been asking for years, literally… I’ve finally got off my arse to explain. If you struggle to understand the trading software it’s probably best to bookmark this post now, it’s… Read More »

NEW TRADERS: Cash Is Oxygen. Forget Starting Banks

You’ve Got It All Wrong What should my start-up bank be? It’s a question I get almost daily… Looking at your first start-up bank as a one-off payment is all wrong. Because the reality is your probably going to lose the first one. Very few don’t.  I guess it’s been asked so much now it… Read More »

Beer Gardens And Betfair! Temptation…

May Weather… We had a bit of a freak weekend here this week. The temperature gauge in my car hit 28 degrees at one point… it all seems a bit odd as a few days previous there was a hailstorm going on outside the office window – global warming? Only a couple of weeks back… Read More »

Punchestown Festival: Serious About Drinking? Last Week…

Irish race-cards rarely get me excited. Mainly due to the liquidity in the markets (excluding big events it’s a lot lower than the UK). However this last week I got to see things from a different angle! A far better one… Of course I’m talking about the sociable, drinking based one! Rewards Binge: Serious About… Read More »

One Thing EVERYONE Over-Pays For…

You can’t grow more, receive it as a gift, ask for more or even buy it. And it’s the one thing that affects everything, literally. Some don’t see it’s importance, others do but don’t give it the respect it deserves. When you do, everything improves. Both inside and out of the markets. I’m talking of course… Read More »

Evening Racing: Best Opportunity for Part-Time Traders

Extra Trading Hours… You’re trading progress is creeping along, it’s on your mind a lot of the time. Particularly as you count down the final minutes clock-watching at work… But you’ve only got 30 mins trading time once you arrive home, ouch! The end result being; you rush in from work get stuck in and make… Read More »

Feeling OLD! 30th Birthday Celebrations…

It happens to everyone, and there’s no going back! 30 years old… It seems to have crept up on me pretty quick! Don’t worry, I’m not about to have a mid-life crisis… it does make me think more though. Birthday Celebrations… I’ve never been one for big birthday celebrations, if anything, quite the opposite. This… Read More »

Dividing Time Efficiently…. This Month

get the subscribers-only mailer to your inbox once each month… Yes please, INCLUDE ME! Hectic times… Are you using your time wisely? This month’s been a bit hap-hazard in places for me… lot’s going on, and a few things to deal with. It struck me just yesterday how important it is to divide up my time… Read More »

Review: Matchbook Trading Psychology Evening

Earlier in the month one of the followers offered me their ticket to a Matchbook Traders evening with Steve Ward… They’d booked it but couldn’t go at the last-minute. Neither could I, so they kindly agreed to give it to any of the Facebook followers that could! Amongst the posting another that had bought a ticket to… Read More »