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Caan Berry Trades Betting Odds Full-Time

Caan Berry trades betting exchanges for a living. Back in 2011 he quit his day job to pursue the dream of betting for a living. Already generating profits that exceeded his day-job of an evening and weekends it was the natural choice to make.

Within one year results had rocketed, Betfair themselves contacted Caan to take part in their #betfairtraders campaign you may have seen in 2014. Now he can be found trading the markets and blogging here at To find out more about Caan's background check out the 'about me' tab above.

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learn to trade Betfair in training mode

Learn to Trade On Betfair In Training Mode: Pro’s & Con’s

When you first learn to trade on Betfair, thing’s aren’t easy… at all. So why make it any harder than it needs to be?  Learning to trade on Betfair in training mode is just one option. But is it worth the time? In this post I’ll explore the pro’s and con’s of using training mode […]

Black Friday Caan Berry

BLACK FRIDAY: More than 40% OFF Video Pack & Trading Guide…

Last year quite a few asked… But I didn’t do it. This year, let’s give it a go! It’s the first time the trading guide has ever been reduced in price (and possibly the last)… #1 Trading Guide – 49% Discount Starting from ……….now. And until Saturday the trading guide price has been slashed by almost […]

Betfair Trading Books worth reading

My 5 Best Betfair Trading Books to Read…

There isn’t much in the way of Betfair trading books (specifically I mean). Probably because it’s such a small niche. Obviously there’s the trading guide, but other than that it becomes tricky. There’s plenty of books outside of betting exchanges to read though. Many of them will still really help progress and getting you thinking […]

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