Stomach-Churning Mistake… Chasing Losses [VIDEO POST]

Chasing Losses – Why Do It? Everyone’s done it one time or another, I don’t care who you are. But why? Chasing losses is a very short-sighted thing to do. In the long run the odds are stacked against you, it’s outright gambling. There can be many reasons someone end’s up in this position, but… Read More »

Beginners Guide to Scalping Betting Exchanges

As a beginner you’ve probably just found the gold-mine that is scalping betting exchanges. Like any successful betting exchange trader will tell you; you only need to find one or two ticks regularly to generate a stable income stream. But, is knowing this enough? Unfortunately, it’s not. In order to join the 5-9% of betting exchange users… Read More »

PUB TALK: Why Bookie Cash-Out Is Double-Ripoff

So I’m sat soaking up some rays over a pint in the week and the lads I’m with are tapping away on their phone’s… “not sure if I should cash-out, what you recon Caan?” To which I respond; “If you want to get robbed, do it”. With a few confused, unhappy faces looking at me… Read More »

Strong Results & Consistent Growth [VIDEO POST]

To build strong results you’ll need a solid base to work from. But in the face of uncertainty, where do you start? All the crazy numbers, erratic moves and ‘hear say’ on forums can make the task ahead feel somewhat daunting… Having a clear list of priorities is key. If you’re a little lost right… Read More »

Persistent Failure To Permanent Success

What is it that really separates the successful from the failures? The key attribute… I’m certainly not the first to have wondered. It’s something I think about quite a lot, in all walks of life. There does seem to be a consistent pattern though, among the successful… Eddie the Eagle… Earlier this week I was… Read More »

Withdrawal Symptoms… Drinking Like A Pro

Barcelona! Working hard is important, no doubt. But forgetting why you do it’s even more so… At points I’ve gone long periods of work without doing little else. It’s not healthy, keeping the balance is crucial! So that’s exactly what I did last week! (nearly killing my liver in the process). City Break… I’ve never… Read More »

Betfair Trader Give-Away (Worth £700+)

There’s no catch… When I started out in the markets there was little to nothing in the way of learning. If you’ve read a little about me you’ll know I hardly come from an academic background either. I’m happy to say I’ve now reached the point where I’m quite comfortable as a result of my… Read More »

Dangerous Trading Situations To AVOID

Why? Winning isn’t the only issue when it comes to trading. In fact, it’s only half the battle. Easily forgotten – but it is! A recent Twitter Follower posted a question just about it, here’s the answer! Don’t forget to Subscribe for more, I’ll be adding more answers soon! Dangerous Trading Situations… Almost daily I… Read More »

Profitable Upset: Federer v Cilic £500+ Profit

Wimbledon…   What a match… and what an upset (given the beginning). If you we’re trading it; the market was pretty impressive too. Giving traders some significant over-reactions and liability dumps… It’s been by far the most enjoyable match to trade during Wimbledon this year for me. Market Chaos… There are a whole selection of… Read More »

Finding An Edge At Wimbledon Next Week…

With week one of Wimbledon almost, complete, attention will soon turn to week two – the business end of the tournament. It’s usually where things get more interesting… Week Two From Monday, the fourth round (last 16) for each of the men’s and women’s tournaments will commence. With financial and ranking point incentives obvious, this… Read More »