Betfair Trader Give-Away (Worth £700+)

There’s no catch… When I started out in the markets there was little to nothing in the way of learning. If you’ve read a little about me you’ll know I hardly come from an academic background either. I’m happy to say I’ve now reached the point where I’m quite comfortable as a result of my… Read More »

Dangerous Trading Situations To AVOID

Why? Winning isn’t the only issue when it comes to trading. In fact, it’s only half the battle. Easily forgotten – but it is! A recent Twitter Follower posted a question just about it, here’s the answer! Don’t forget to Subscribe for more, I’ll be adding more answers soon! Dangerous Trading Situations… Almost daily I… Read More »

Profitable Upset: Federer v Cilic £500+ Profit

Wimbledon…   What a match… and what an upset (given the beginning). If you we’re trading it; the market was pretty impressive too. Giving traders some significant over-reactions and liability dumps… It’s been by far the most enjoyable match to trade during Wimbledon this year for me. Market Chaos… There are a whole selection of… Read More »

Finding An Edge At Wimbledon Next Week…

With week one of Wimbledon almost, complete, attention will soon turn to week two – the business end of the tournament. It’s usually where things get more interesting… Week Two From Monday, the fourth round (last 16) for each of the men’s and women’s tournaments will commence. With financial and ranking point incentives obvious, this… Read More »

Not Your Normal Week…

What a week?! But was it really that unpredictable? England out of the Euro’s, Hodgson resigns and the referendum vote… Ohh and the racing markets were dead. Despite all the excitement I’ll be happy once the markets back to normal! Racing or Wimbledon? This last week’s been quite different to most. With everything going on between the… Read More »

Betfair Training Courses & Bigger Offices…

Betfair Training Courses – Office Upgrade… For some time I’ve meant get a larger office space, finally it’s happening. There’s a couple of reasons for the move; It’s not that healthy working from home all the time (although it has its benefits). I doubt I’ll completely stop it though. The demand for Betfair training courses. Motivation, routine… Read More »

Trading EURO 2016…

With the EURO’s on this month it seemed a decent idea when Adam from PMT (pre-match trading, not to be confused with the other type) offered a guest post. Personally I don’t hold much hope for England’s chances, having watched Russia score in the final minutes last week. Here’s what Adam had to say… Intro… Read More »

Sports Trading Journey: Bucket List… What’s yours?

What’s the point in this sports trading journey without some rewards? Sports trading journey? it’s not all about boring numbers! (alternative post). I haven’t posted about it for a while but trading Betfair’s always been as much of a mental game to me as it has analytical. Controlling my own behaviour and emotions are extremely important. In… Read More »

Matched Betting Dead? Account Closed… (Hidden Value)

Matched Betting: Is It Dead? So it’s hardly a new problem; account restrictions, limitations and closures (by bookmakers). Matched betting seems to have highlighted the problem for most. But it’s getting worse. Accounts are closing faster than ever, you may have seen the Stan James account I had that lasted hours… But it’s not over… Read More »

Guest Post: Matched Betting to Betfair Trading

I get quite a lot of mail from followers in similar positions, going through the same things but feeling as though it only happens to them! It’s not unusual to feel like this as I once did. By way of a change one of the followers has kindly written a guest post about how he… Read More »