Betdaq v Betfair: Commission and Charges. What’s Best?

Betdaq v Betfair: Review It’s a long debated question: What’s best? Betdaq v Betfair. Depending on your situation the answer’s likely to be different. But reading terms and conditions sucks, plus things become even more confusing when it comes to additional charges like Betfairs premium charge. This post will help you understand the pros, cons and what’s… Read More »

Ready? Exchange. Betfair Advert: What’s New?

Ready? Exchange… New Advert. Now What? I’m shocked. Are you? The new Betfair Ready? Exchange advert has surprised me. Are they really interested in promoting the exchange again? Over the last few months I’ve noticed a few more efforts from Betfair to promote the betting exchange. The biggest being this new advert. Are things set… Read More »

Small Trading Banks: Rapid Growth, Minimal Risk, Maximum Returns

How much money do I need to start trading on Betfair? It’s a common question amongst newbies… But one of the most misplaced too. Money makes money easier, right? In some cases yes. But actually, on Betfair it’s easier to make ‘some’ money fast with smaller stakes and lower risk. In this post I’m going… Read More »

How to Spot Stress-Free Trading Opportunities (example from this week)

While spotting a potential gamble isn’t too hard, it can be quite tricky to know if it’s over or not. There’s nothing more stressful than being right in your assessment, but missing out. Except for still being right and losing… The solution is simple. Picking the right fights to get involved in, being decisive and… Read More »

BEWARE: New Found Success – What NOT to Do!

David Asked Previously: So after a recent post (you can see it here) David asked the above question… Is it an important questions? ….yes, certainly. Here’s my answer in full, David. No doubt it’ll be an important topic for several others too! The Betting Traders Problem – What to do… When you first get into… Read More »

Adding Value: Advanced Video Pack Review (Plus Sneak Preview)

Advanced Video Pack Review (October 2016) I believe in learning from others mistakes, it’s far less costly. I didn’t have that luxury when I started, barely anyone was sharing… The consequence was it cost me a few quid on the way, which was half the reason I created the pre-race video pack. As the racing calendar… Read More »

5 Stages To Trading on Betfair For A Living (+Speeding Them Up)

For most punters, trading on Betfair for a living is just a dream. But why? The concept is simple; back high and lay low. Or vice versa… it shouldn’t be that hard at all! And it really isn’t to those who have mastered it. But there’s plenty more to it if you’re to end up… Read More »

3 Secrets To Low Liquidity Trading Success

Low Liquidity…. I’m not going to lie, it’s a real pain in the arse. But there’s still money to be had… Lower liquidity events such as Greyhound Racing, US Horse Racing or Low Grade Tennis can really screw up you’re balance if not approached properly. Like every market on Betfair or Betdaq, the trick is to… Read More »

US Open Tennis Trading…. Day 1

Day One… The first day of any grand slam is exciting. Much like the Cheltenham festival the media do a good job of hyping things up… Don’t get too suckered in though, it’s a marathon not a sprint! Every year traders do their bank on the first day of these big events. The best opportunities… Read More »

How To Use Racing Corruption For Easy Profits (Ethically)

It’s plain to see there’s been plenty of corruption in racing throughout the years. To think it no longer exists would be naive. The sad thing being it makes things quite unfair for the general crowd… Researching racing, looking at the cards, putting money on the table. What’s the point if it’s dodgey? Actually, there is… Read More »