Am I the real deal? You decide….

Evening all!


So today I wasn’t going to post up again so soon but today I got a tweet that spurred me on….

I’ve had it before, in fact I think it was about a year or so ago and I made a point of proving I was real then but I’ll do it once more…

Hope that clears that one up, have a good weekend guys…..

Later insert: A few people have contacted me about the video pack after this clip – Obviously it will be very helpful for anyone learning to watch me trade although the point I make in the clip is just to highlight the fact it might be a bit much for you if you’re not really serious about kicking on and actually making good money, as to do this you will have to trade with more than the minimum £2 stakes! That said everyone learns differently and to the right hands its a priceless package.

One thought on “Am I the real deal? You decide….

  1. It’s not often people trading Betfair are so open about the results them make like this Caan. Congrats and well done! loving the blog

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