Disaster Week: Quick Update…

Crazy Week

A Mad Week…

This week has been a pretty heavy one for me, not in the markets… but in the outside world.

Every now and then things happen that shake your world up a bit, this last week was one of them for me. If you’ve been trying to get in touch please accept my apology for no reply (yet). I’ll be in touch shortly.

A few different events led to me taking a few unexpected days off. It also made me realise how lucky I am to be doing this for a living. It can become forgotten quickly but; one of the biggest perks to doing this for a living is the ability to drop everything on the spot when you need to. 

Being grateful for the situation is something I’ll definitely be keeping in mind as I go forward, like I said in this post last year; there’s no point being the richest man in the graveyard.

Catching Up…

Now I’m back into things as normal, there’s quite a lot to catch up with…

Last week there was a Trading Guide/Geeks Toy Subscription promotion so if you’ve emailed or tweeted me about this I’ll get back to you in the next day or so (I have over 100 emails to answer, please don’t be offended if the reply isn’t very long. I always try my best to give a full answer). If you wasn’t able to take part in the promo but wanted to let me know via email before 6pm on Tues the 8th and I’ll do my best to put that right.

I have plenty of questions for the Followers Q & A Videos too. I’ll be following up on them shortly… some just in time for Cheltenham, hopefully it’ll help!

Please just bear with me for now while I play catch up!!



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2 thoughts on “Disaster Week: Quick Update…

  1. Hi Caan

    I’m glad thinks are back to normal for you.

    I enjoyed the Stan James video, I got banned by a real shower of poo bookie called “Betbright”,in late Feb I got an email for a Bet 20 get a risk free £10 in-play on 3 weekend prem games,so I took advantage,pumped £40 in them,long story short I was matched betting the £20 with BF and punting the free bets,and my account at the end of the weekend was £49.10(a mega £9.10 profit).

    I got an email invite the next weekend, same offer “place £20 on the Spurs/Arsenal match get a £10 risk free in-play bet,so I went on to the Betbright website,and went to place a £20 bet on the draw,I could not place the bet,I was res to 1p,so I fired up the live chat,and indeed I got the usual “the traders have reviewed your account,and your sports betting activity,and now have refused to take any of your bets”.

    I bet rarely with Betbright(I had the account over 13 months), their odds are REALLY stinking,I mean say Willy’s Hill and SkyBet would offer say 1.61 on a Chelsea win,these fn dickpulls would have odds of say 1.50,so your would never bet with these morons unless there was an offer on.

    My account lasted 13 months and I checked my full account history, they took £100 out of me and I took £138.50 out of them,£28.50 profit and that is enough for the traders to never take a bet off me again lol,what a fn penny arcade outfit they are,and what annoys me Cann is that people can go onto these casino versions of there sites and lose thousands,heck one lad in the press recently killed himself after losing £500 on a FOBT machine,but that’s fine, oh but you have the audacity the win a poxy £28 over the course of a year,you get banned lol, pathetic.

    Will start trading soon


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