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Trading Betfair is often as hard as you make it… and going it alone is likely to be a lot more painful. Keep your hard-earnt cash and learn to read the markets effectively without complicated technical jargon.


Are your trading results random?
Is regular progress constantly wiped out by a big loss?
Ever wondered what a pro trader see’s when they open a market prior to the start?


The Pre Race Trading Guide is not just another “how to” book about betting on Betfair.

It is NOT just about getting more profit from each horse race
-yet it will help you to get BIGGER returns than you’ve ever experienced before.

It is NOT about giving you a fixed system to extract money every time
-yet it does contain strategies that will show you how to EXPLOIT situations over and over again.

The Pre Race Trading Guide is A SHORTCUT.

In 2009 when the first draft of the pre-race trading guide was created Caan had already done things the hard way. He quickly realised; trading offers far more potential than other systems like matched betting or arbitrage.

Why? Because it’s more scale-able. The sky’s the limit…

Only after thousands of screen hours and study (and painful losses) did Caan manage to get ahead. Back then there was virtually nothing on offer to assist new traders. Learning was a hard process, much of the time feeling lost and alone. Fortunately that’s not the case now.


That biggest problems amongst new traders will always exist; lack of understanding. All the numbers, graphs and activity of an active market appears quite daunting.  Especially when you don’t understand what’s happening.

It’s important to understand the reasons behind market behaviour. In doing so, it allows us to identify situations and adapt should they change. Much like that saying goes:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

The Guide is written without any additional ‘padding’ to make it clear and easy to understand quickly. Previous readers have reported a rapid change in results within a week. It’s also important to remember trading isn’t just about winning large sums of money, it’s about not losing through foolish mistakes!

… And as Warren Buffet says; “it’s far easier to learn from others mistakes”. Saving a lot of time (and money) in the process.

This guide is more than a strategy that works, it’s the explanation behind what I do and why I consider certain indicators important!

After a first read you should already be;


  • Seeing areas for possible opportunity (before they happen)
  • Realising why various components are so important to a markets make-up
  • Thinking about placing your trades like a full-time trader

star rating

‘I have just purchased the manual, and even as an experienced trader – I must say that I was very impressed. It is clear, concise and very much to the point. If you are considering to buy the manual I would strongly recommend that you do so. You will not be disappointed’ 
-Nick Wise. Racing Trader

‘My stupidity and stubbornness mean an inability to admit defeat and, after following for some time and a bit of investigation, I invested further by purchasing both Caan’s Trading Guide and Videos. It’s fair to say that these have been by far the most effective in assisting me in my pre-race trading. My strike rate has increased by 15%, confidence and understanding within the markets are massively improved. Frankly, for someone who has seen pretty much all that’s out there, I couldn’t recommend them enough. Absolutely worth the money’
-Jon Murphy. Full-Time Football Trader

Featured on:

Caan Berry is a professional trader who specialises in trading horse racing markets prior to the start. He has been featured on Betfair Learning, BBC Radio 4, Betdaq Tips and in 2014 was featured by Betfair for their ‘pro traders’ campaign. You may have seen him on their homepage, find out more about Caan’s background here.


Trading Guide Breakdown:

LEVEL: Basic > Intermediate

In the simplest format possible the pre-race trading guide will assist you in;

The Pre-Race Trading Guide is simple, it will help you in:

✓ Understanding of how the markets function, the motivation behind the numbers

✓ Identify profitable situations, ready in anticipation to squeeze as much profit from them as possible

✓ Spot difficult situations to trade, avoiding losses before they even happen

✓ Effectively implementing yourself in the market, execution is the key to maximum efficiency

On purchase of the Pre-Race Trading Guide you will get:

✓ Unique set of secure login details straight to your inbox (Please specify a valid email if your PayPal email is not correct)

✓ Lifetime access to the ‘Trading Guide’ area. (at no extra cost for future updates)

[PDF] Content rich information, detailing my outlook, set-up, and understanding of the markets through your secure login viewer.

✓ Advice on how to use the tools and indicators on offer, read the market, and execute your trades.

✓ Unlimited access to all future updates (Currently version 4.1)


Added Extra’s:

✓ Full user support

✓ Satisfaction guarantee (e-mail details below)

So, for the price of just one bad trade in the market. You can expand your trading knowledge forever and start to see the markets with more clarity (and avoid making those crappy mistakes again and again)

And you’ll get it all today for just one payment of £39. That’s it…

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Satisfaction Guarantee:

As a customer of the Pre-Race Trading Guide I guarantee if there is anything you do not understand or need further clarification with I will respond to any questions you may have, for as long as it takes until there is complete clarity on the topic! I answer all emails directed to support@caanberry.com as soon as possible. If you have any other questions, also feel free to ask. Trading Guide customer emails are always prioritised in peak periods.