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May racing Betdaq

Market behaviour is starting to change that bit more… which is nice.

As we hit June the markets are in full-flow, probably my favourite months of the year to be trading. Liquidity feels good, there’s plenty of evening racing if you want it and of course the weather is on the up!

This last week’s been the most enjoyable trade even though I haven’t broken any records. With exception of Chelmsford City (some crazy bets were going in) earlier in the week, there hasn’t been anything too crazy happening, as genuine flow of money pours into the markets there’s far less skittish price movement. How have you found it?

Yesterday was your usual crazy bank holiday racing. A congested card with thinly spread TV coverage, it wont have suited everyone’s trading style. On the up side there’s more races to find an opportunity in… A couple of you messaged to say you found it tough going, while others on twitter said it was a joy to trade.

It took me some time to realise; but bank-holiday trading is one to watch out for. They’re quite unique, a little like Saturday afternoons. Realising they’re different and treating them a such makes it far easier to manage risk.

June Markets…

With June on the doorstep there’s plenty to look forward to over the coming weeks. Royal Ascot’s always a cracker, although different once more (similar to Cheltenham in some ways) make sure you’re ready for it!

The general ‘bread and butter’ markets are most important to me though. After-all they make up the majority of opportunities on offer, it’s the ideal time to be learning.

Today hosts 44 races in total with 20 of them after 6pm. It’s great if you’re in a 9-5 job and learning the trade, although quite the opposite if you’re full-time and want to get down to the beer garden with your pals! Thankfully it’s raining here today so I won’t feel so torn…

I’m infatuated with patterns but I notice not so many complaining about the markets, manipulation or liquidity over the last couple of weeks on twitter. Hopefully that’s down to improved conditions but it’d be interesting to hear how different followers are finding it…

If you’ve got a minute, drop a comment (or question for YouTube) below!

Here’s a look at June in  recent years.

5 thoughts on “Horse Racing Markets This Week…

  1. Not sure whether its change of the seasons or reading your guidelines but all been so positive to my 5mth draft

  2. Im finding im more consistant when i trade on the evening races, not sure why this is though
    I started learning properly in november and can see a huge difference in the markets now.
    I just need to wipe out that one big loss that wipes out my nice consistant profits at times, but that is down to me and my mindset which hopefully i can get right in time.
    On a brighter note i think im beginning to read the markets alot better now which im really happy about.

  3. Hi Caan

    3 weeks into learning trading now and yesterday was defo my best day so far. I have the feeling all I wanna do this trade and trade some more even when losing (but learning). Yesterday I woke and it’s like it all clicked into place scalping mostly, a few went in play but by choice most time. I was more confident and aware of positioning my trade not just jumping in like past. Holding for that position putting trades que before price reached.

    Thanks for your all the help you are sharing to all the new people wanting to explore this world and gain knowledge.
    Hopefully it will be another profitable day and more knowledge gained

  4. Caan, do you still trade or just merchandise? Haven’t seen a screenshot of a days trading in a while.

    Keep up the good work!

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