So much has changed, and there’s even more to come!

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Aspiring traders are often looking for a progressive, step-by-step answer to their trading education. Learning isn’t the easiest task in the world, we openly acknowledge that. This is why we’re improving the video pack course, aiming to leave it jam-packed with even more high-quality content.

It’s safe to say, we’re working hard here to provide the perfect solution.

Digest the rest of this post to find out how we’re doing it… 

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User Friendly:

First off, a simple but welcome move (based on user feedback) is the layout of some of the existing content. It’s just that bit more user-friendly. An additional page for video course users is to layout the modules in thumbnail format, seen below. You can’t see them all but there’s 22 modules like this.

Modules Page

Navigation is that bit easier, and covered for all devices. Overall progress marked at the top with tick-boxes for the completed modules at the very bottom of this page. Similar to the sidebar on the old format.

To view the video pack in this format, just click the link listed on your user dashboard.

Seen below:


New Content:

Since the new year, several new videos have been added. But that’s just the beginning, there are more to come…

Producing video tutorials (properly) is a drawn out process. However, the plans are in place and plenty more are on route. We’re focusing on quality like never before with these, unlike the very simplistic YouTube videos you may have seen recently. New video additions will include live screen recordings, full explanation and as many actionable points as possible. Recently, 3 clips were added to the scalping module.

There’s also plans to add a unique beginners module. Highlighting everything a new trader needs, how to get set up, and why. There are a couple of short clips accompanying the trading guide in this manner, although the new ones will be a huge improvement.

Best part being; the user is free to consume and revisit the videos at any time, as a permanent resource. Much like a day course, except it’s available every day.

Modules & Videos Include:

  • A bullet pointed overview (to re-cap and save time later).
  • Full audio transcription (encase you didn’t understand something I said).
  • PDF Checklist (Module Specific).
  • Product support

There’s a user question and answers section at the end too! As we said earlier, we’re developing the perfect solution.

Permanent Value:

But that’s not all! Despite all this extra work, we’re committed to keeping the cost low.

We know that you don’t particularly care if it’s a whole bunch of extra work for us. Why should you? You want the best deal you can get – and rightly so. 

Last month we introduced the ability to pick up just one of the modules as a taster. Module number 11: Scalping.

Feedback’s been 100% positive, so we’ve made it public once more.

In the coming months we’ll be adding content there too! Be sure to check back regularly so you don’t miss anything…

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10 thoughts on “IMPORTANT UPDATE:

  1. It does not even need improving but this is great news. Huge help and saved me a lot of mistakes I assure you!

    Keep the YouTube videos coming too Caan. Nice to hear your thoughts.


  2. Always watch at least a couple of your trading pack videos, it seems to get my head in the right place before I start trading. Well done Caan couldn’t have done it without you. Cheers.

  3. The psychology module is fantastic, I must admit this has been my biggest hurdle to overcome but definitely getting there. Thanks.

  4. hey issues with the sites video playback mate? or any tips to make them load quicker? Thanks

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