Against all odds….. Update complete!

Despite pretty much everything being against me during this Video Pack update it’s finally completed! From the ‘blue screen of death’ losing a load of recordings, to my headset/microphone dropping dead and Screen recording software errors it’s finally done!

The new update includes 17 Extra clips, taking the total to well over 60!! Looking at all the info on offer I think it’s quite likely the price will increase shortly as it seems a bit of a crazy giveaway especially seeing its showing ways of making money. I’d be pretty surprised if someone should watch them all take it on board and not be able to make some cash afterwards… some real gems in there to be had. Feel free to email me with any feedback for those subscribing, apologies for the delay as this should have been last week!!

A few have shown an interest and asked for a full breakdown of what’s on the inside, it’s mentioned on the Video Pack tab although later this week I’ll see about putting up a brief list although can’t go too in-depth im sure you understand…

Markets this week have been pretty dead overall I thought and have had a few half days as I’ve lost interest mid afternoon. A couple more weeks and interest will start to build more in the Jumps season so it’s not long to wait if you’re finding it frustrating!

With the evening racing now reduced to the All-Weather I know its more frustrating than ever for those that are getting into this around their usual 9-5 job as I did. In the coming week’s I’ll write a couple of posts on this as its something that used to infuriate me no end working as well, fortunately now I don’t have to sit through the likes of Wolverhampton so often… the phrase ‘watching paint dry’ springs to mind initially.

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