Post Crazy!… & Guide Update

This week I seem to have gone a bit Blog-Crazy by the looks of things… I’ve updated more often than this week than I do usually in two! I suppose it’s just a by-product of taking a bit of time out to update the Trading Guide. There has been a few useful snippets dropped over this weeks posts found HERE and even some YouTube uploads (a couple more on the way, just haven’t had time to render and upload yet).

Going over the existing copy of the Guide has even helped me make a few nip/tuck’s to my own approach, the main principles still remain the same. From all the emails I had there were one or two common questions so I’m working hard to make that as clear as possible for the reader, aside from that I’ve decided to include one private video clip for readers to clarify exactly what I meant with one particular example shown within. As I was revising the existing copy the other day it seemed too much of a coincidence that the same situation should arise in the markets.

Thanks for all the feedback from those that took a minute to send a suggestion. The new revised version will be uploaded later this evening/early tomorrow morning at the very latest to view via your existing portal details received upon purchase, if you’ve lost the original email let me know and I’ll forward the original ASAP. Good luck if your trading today and have a good weekend!

P.S. For anyone wondering, updating the Video Pack will be my next priority.

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