What Will I Learn?

What is required to make money betting
The basics principles behind Betfair trading (step by step)
Understanding what is required to obtain a profit in the markets
Where to focus your attention for the quickest route to success
 Other influencing factors to being a successful trader
Simple startup process for newbies (including tools)
 Starting points and views towards building a lasting strategy

Audio Book Requirements:

  • There are no pre-requisites for anyone that wishes to listen to this audio book.

What’s Included?

When purchasing the Betfair Trading Made Simple Audio Book you receive:

 12 x Audio Files (chapters broken down or book complete)
 2 Hours, 58 Minutes and 56 Seconds of audio streaming
 Referenced images and tables

 Unlimited access via desktop, mobile and tablet
 Full product support
 Satisfaction guarantee (see below)

Who is Caan Berry?

A professional trader who specialises in trading horse racing markets prior to the start. Featured on Betfair Learning, Betdaq Tips, BBC Radio 4, and in 2014 was featured by Betfair for their ‘pro traders’ campaign. You may have also seen him on the Betfair homepage or as a guest speaker at the annual Matchbook Traders Conference. 

Betfair Horse Racing Trader

Why the Audio Book?

In the modern world we recognise that people are busy. Listening to an audio book whilst on the move is now a popular way to digest meaningful information. This book; Betfair Trading Made Simple is also available in paperback format via Amazon if you would prefer. We’re indifferent, we just wanted to offer you the easiest way to learn about exchange trading.

LEVEL: Basic / Complete Beginner


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Satisfaction Guarantee:

As a customer of this Audio Book (Betfair Trading Made Simple) I guarantee if there is anything you do not understand or need further clarification with we will respond to any questions you may have, for as long as it takes until there is complete clarity on the topic! All emails directed to support will be responded to as soon as possible. If you have any other questions, also feel free to ask. Customer emails are always prioritised in peak periods.