What Will I Learn?

The most effective path to getting started with cricket trading
Where you can find an advantage in the cricket markets
Which trading indicators you can trust, and why
Dangerous areas you must avoid at all costs as a cricket trader
How to use statistical cricket information to your advantage
Strategies for trading T20, ODI and Test cricket matches
Profitable methods to find value within run line markets

Cricket Trading Guide Requirements:

  • Basic understanding of exchange trading (if not, see our free articles).
  • Basic level knowledge of cricket rules and how the game functions.

What’s Included?

Currently, when purchasing the cricket trading guide you will receive:

  Access to a 79-page Content-rich Cricket Trading Guide
Statistical Datasheets for the IPL & BBL (3 years)
Lifetime Access to Future Updates (secure area)
speaker Community Forum Access

Unlimited Access via Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet
Satisfaction Guarantee (see below)
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Who is Mr X?

Mr X has been a professional cricket trader, across various betting platforms for the last 12 years. Known amongst various professional trading circles, he first met Caan 4 years ago at an event for exchange users. This is how plans for the cricket trading guide began.

Occasionally, he still travels the globe to attend sporting events, hence his identity is hidden for now. However, members are invited to talk to him on the community forums.

Why the Cricket Trading Guide?

This cricket trading guide has been designed to learn as much as possible in the quickest possible time, take a peek…


Learning to trade cricket isn’t like any other sport on Betfair. Many successful strategies are reliant on historical data, preparation, live updates and anticipation.

Typically, new cricket traders struggle because of 3 main issues:

  • Misunderstanding the driving sources behind cricket liquidity
  • Incorrectly judging conditions that shift the market prices
  • Staking the wrong amount at the wrong point in time

This cricket trading guide has been created to tackle these issues head-on.

After seeing the guide and its accompanying data sheets you should be;

  • Identifying the difference between shrewd and naive money in the exchange markets
  • Using statistical information to prepare for multiple eventualities, ahead of time
  • Focusing on valuable areas in the market to exploit and staking appropriately

By systematically applying the strategies shared, you wildly increase the chances of gaining the upper hand.

Long cricket matches don’t have to be a tense trading proposition. Routinely applying yourself and building up a green buffer, can lead to a comfortable trading experience, still affording you the ability to enjoy watching the match too!

So why not strike yourself a value bet and tap the button below? It’ll be a lasting investment…


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Satisfaction Guarantee:

As a customer of the cricket trading guide, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the cricket trader’s guide, for as long as it takes until there is complete clarity on the subject at hand. All emails directed to support will be responded to as soon as possible. Cricket Guide customer emails are always prioritised in peak periods.