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Exclusive Pro Traders Event:

Imagine an exclusive event where you could meet a professional Betfair trader, having them spill the beans on their inner world (over a pint or two). Better still; what if it was all organised in an easily accessible, fancy hotel. With a stack of other like-minded traders in attendance. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Probably. But what if there was not one, but three of the biggest names in Betfair trading there?! All at the same time…

Well here’s your chance! We’re very pleased to announce the first (and possibly last) Betfair Pro Traders Event. Well known professional exchange traders Mark Iverson, Steve Howe and Caan Berry have teamed up with Betfair to offer you a ground breaking opportunity, at a heavily subsidised cost. This isn’t a conference; it’s going to be so much more.


Where and When?

Venue: Village Hotel Coventry, CV4 9GZ
Date: Saturday 16th February 2019, 12.30pm

The venue is centrally accessible via all methods of travel, listed below:

Car: 15 minutes from Junction 15 (M40).
Train: 7 minutes from Coventry railway station.
Plane: 17 minutes from Birmingham airport.

Note: if you plan to stay at the hotel, there’s a discount code for 20% available for your room.

What’s Included?

 1 x Hour Session (Mark Iverson)
 1 x Hour Session (Steve Howe)
 1 x Hour Session (Caan Berry)
Hot Buffet & Bacon Buttie’s

 Live Q & A Discussion Panel
 1 x Month Geeks Toy Bonus
 Networking & Social Evening (Private Bar)
 Post Event Video Access

Event Schedule:

1230: Doors Open / Registration
1300: Introduction Betfair Speaker
1315: Steve Howe
1415: Food Break – Bacon Baps (30 minutes)
1445: Caan Berry
1545: Convenience Break (15 minutes)
1600: Mark Iverson
1700: Convenience Break (15 minutes)
1715: Live Q & A Panel (All Speakers)
1800: Buffet & Social Evening Begins


Who’s in Attendance?

On the day you’ll have the opportunity to meet other like-minded traders in person, socialising in a private bar after the event (until late).

There will also be plenty of time to meet your speakers and grab their ear, 1-on-1…

  • Steve Howe: Full time Racing & Football trader since 2005. Previously featured on the Pro traders Campaign via Betfair apps directory.
  • Mark Iverson: Betfair customer since 2001, full time Cricket trader since 2011. Recently featured at the Betfair VIP’s evening.
  • Caan Berry: Full time Trader since 2011. Previously featured at Betfair’s VIP evening and Pro traders Campaign via the apps directory.

It’s not confirmed yet, but there’s likely to be another well-known visitor around for drinks after the event!

Finer Details:

Designed for traders, by traders – this event is open to everyone. A basic level of understanding is advised to ensure you get maximum value from the event, for anyone that’s not familiar trading software or how Betfair trading works, there’s a long-form explanation here.

Thanks to Betfair’s sponsorship we’re able to give you a premium experience at a non-premium price. The Village Hotel is will look after all guests with bacon butties during the afternoon break, and a hot buffet to close proceedings. Come with an open mind and some enthusiasm, there’s no doubt you’ll learn something worthwhile.

Let us make something clear: This isn’t going to be 3 hours of waffle. It’s sound, practical advice from people who know what they are talking about. Leaving you with some real tips and strategy that has already made a lot of money.

The last section of the afternoon be a Q & A session, where you can draw directly on our experience. There’s no real time limit on this, so make sure you have a question planned. All answers will be straightforward and honest.

After all this talking, we will be thirsty. So we invite you all to join us in the bar, where we will let you buy us as many beers as you can afford! Joking aside, this is a great opportunity for you to meet people face the same problems and think just like you. Traders. We all have this shared passion, but it’s hard to find people who understand what you’re talking about. Networking with others is a great way to exchange knowledge and form new friendships. The 3 of us will be available to chat with all evening. So if you come, there is no excuse not to be able to ask those burning questions.

Betfair representatives will also be in attendance, they love to meet their customers and get their feedback too.

Also, as a little bonus: after the event all attendees will receive one months Geeks Toy trading software to help them on their way. Along with access to a private post-event video, consolidating some of the things you have learnt. Plus I’m pretty sure that Betfair have a parting gift for you too…


Here’s a quick glimpse at what each of the days sessions will be about…

Steve H

Steve Howe (aka MugsGame)

Delighted to be involved in this exciting project. What we really wanted to do was to get amongst “real people” and talk trading. It’s what we are passionate about, and what we know about. You are going to have a unforgettable day with us. I promise you that. You will learn things that you didn’t know, and it will be great fun. This is very personal for us, we have worked very hard to make this event the very best it can be.

During my presentation slot I will be giving you a couple of strategy’s that really work and WILL make you money.

  • My legendary Morning Racing routine – Pick out drifters and steamers in the morning with the aim of staying as long as the trade is in profit.
  • Lateral thinking applied to trading. Works on virtually any sport. Especially good with Football and in Tournaments.

Both of these methods have made up a substantial part of my trading arsenal for a decade. I didn’t want to turn up with something you have all heard before. These are 2 deadly strategies and very straight forward.

Mark Iverson (@markyiverson)

Very excited to have this opportunity to share stories and experience with other traders. We all do the same thing, just in different ways, so having a full day and a few drinks afterwards to discuss what we do sounds a great idea to me.

Mark Iverson Betfair

The problem comes when I start to think about what how and what to cover as part of my presentation – how do I cram 13 years of Betfair trading experience into a hour talk?

My aim is to make sure you walk away with something practical – something you can put into practice the next day. No waffle – just how I approach things, whilst also getting across the opportunity I think cricket trading gives.

With this in mind I will discuss:

  • Cricket – the £40 million turnover opportunity (per game).
  • 7 Steps to becoming a (better) Cricket trader.
  • How to get a job if it all goes pear shaped (joke!).

Seriously though – this a new venture for me. I’ve been asked numerous times via email and social media whether I offer advice or run courses. My answer until now has been no – family time has come first. But now the kids are starting to get older and I really enjoyed being a part of a Betfair VIP event this autumn so why not get out there more and meet others with the same interest?

Caan Berry

Coming from a working class background with literally no support network I found the journey to successful trading tough. Nobody got it, let alone supported the idea. For that reason, an event like this has long since been on my mind. I’ve no doubt it’s going to be a success.

I’ve chosen to talk about the 3 main things that were at the centre of my ‘aha’ moment, leading to success:

  • Change, opportunity and proportion – reverse engineering an edge.
  • Momentum trading and order-flow in Horse Racing markets.
  • Manual overrides for psychological trading problems.

For me this really isn’t going to be hard. Over the last 10 years these points have allowed me to experience and achieve things that were never previously possible. Hopefully, for anyone that’s interested in doing the same it’ll be an extremely valuable trade.

Sound interesting?

Make no mistake; this is a hot ticket. You don’t often get 3 for the price of 1, and there’s only a limited number of seats available so book now to avoid disappointment!

We hope you can come, and look forward to meeting you all…

Steve, Mark & Caan.


This event is sponsored by Betfair, the worlds most popular betting exchange.